Tomsk State Pedagogical University

Museum of History of TSPU

Address: 634041, Tomsk, pr. Komsomolsky, 75, office 515
Phone: ( 3822) 52 1767, internal phone: 150

The Museum of  History of TSPU was founded on June 4th , 1982. The new exhibition of the museum was opened on November 6th , 2002. The museum is an educational, scientific, cultural and educational unit of the university and public repository of historical, natural history, material and spiritual culture. The basis of the museum exposition and educational activities is the main fund of the museum collected by T.V. Galkina, containing more than two thousand items.

The exposition of the museum has the following sections :

- Tomsk Teacher Training Institute - the beginning of higher pedagogical education in Tomsk (1902-1920);
- Tomsk State Pedagogical University - successor of Tomsk Teacher Training Institute;
- Stalin’s terror - the basis of totalitarianism;
- Collective contribution of Tomsk State Pedagogical Institute to defense of the Motherland during the Great Patriotic War: the front and rear;
- The role of the humanities and the natural sciences in shaping the future of the creative personality of the teacher .

The museum hosts generaland thematic excursions, it hosts Professors Club,  Guides Club and the Club “Persona Grata”.

Музей истории ТГПУМузей истории ТГПУМузей истории ТГПУМузей истории ТГПУ