Tomsk State Pedagogical University

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Official site of Tomsk state pedagogical University
The site provides information on strategic directions of Tomsk state pedagogical university : educational, scientific, international, social and other activities. The site contains information for the enrollee of TSPU: forms of training, conditions of receiving a degree, educational programs , etc. For those who wish to obtain a second degree in TSPU there is information about the conditions of training, about the basic educational programs of higher professional education, being implemented in TSPU by correspondence. Prominent place on the site is devoted to information about training courses and training programs for teachers.

Site "TSPU Enrollee"
The site provides information for enrollee of TSPU: admission rules, the requirements for entrance examinations, the results of competitive selection, etc. The enrollee will get acquainted with the activities of the faculties and departments of TSPU that will help to decide on the choice of specialization of training more accurately. For the enrollee and their parents there is information about the accomodation conditions in the dormitories of TSPU, about the places of catering, about the of educational buildings, etc.

Website of the scientific journal «TSPU Bulletin»
Scientific journal "TSPU Bulletin" is included in the list of leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications, in which should be published major scientific results of dissertations for the degree of doctor and candidate of sciences of Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

The site of TSPU Agroecology testing laboratory
TSPU Testing Laboratory of Agroecology is one of the leading research institutions in Russia in the direction of studying of swampland ecosystems. The site provides information about the educational and scientific activities of the laboratory. Special place is devoted to the information about the scientific school of young scientists "Swamplands and biosphere." You can see the aboratory staff publications.

website of the center of additional physics and mathematics and natural science education
The website is created with the aims of creating an environment for creativity and design for schoolchildren in the direction of physics and mathematics and natural science subjects. The site provides information on the activities undertaken by the Centre: training courses for teachers, seasonal schools, master classes, seminars, etc. Schoolchildren are offered the programs on preparation for the olympiads and the uniform state exam . The site contains a collection of resources to help teachers and students to prepare for classes , exams, subject olimpiads.

TSPU target website "Education Planet" for working with teachers, students
The site is created with the implementation of distance forms of training of professional skills of teachers and students studying pedagogy. The site organizes and holds various distance contests, festivals, competitions, etc. Teachers and schoolchildren can take part in activities, both individually and in a team, and together with students. Also there are distance seminars on topical issues of educational activities on the site.

TSPU target site for work with students "Academy of Success"
The site is created with the view of organization and holding of various distance activities aimed at preparing students for university entrance. There is the zone "Academy of Sciences", which provides information about preparing for exams, unified state exams. In "Academy of knowledge" distance subject quizzes are being realized. You can get acquainted with creative works of school children in "Academy of Art". In "Development Academy" there are distance contests focused on subjective and non-subjective educational activities.

Website of the Institute of Applied Informatics of TSPU
Institute of Applied Informatics (IPI) was established by the decision of the Academic Council Chair of TSPU in 2001 to coordinate the activities of the pedagogical university in the sphere of information and telecommunication technologies. The site provides information about the structural subdivisions of the Institute, current priorities and research projects.


Website for International Students’ scientific and educational laboratory of Cognitive-adaptive technologies of psychology of education (ISSEL CATPE) TSPU
The site is designed to reflect different aspects of international education in Russian and foreign universities, implemented under ISSEL CATPE, to engage in joint activity Russian and foreign students, enrollees, students of secondary schools, specialists in the field of vocational education from various countries. The main function of the site is to contribute to increase of the availability of educational services between countries, to support foreign countries in the preparation of highly qualified specialists capable of effective professional self-realization, including design, implementation and development of the productive ideas in a variety of activities: learning, research , professional; socio-cultural.

Target website of TSPU for Employment
The main target of the site is activity in organization of employment for TSPU students. This website provides TSPU students interested in work with information about vacancies and curriculum vitae.