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Traveling to Tomsk

Tomsk is situated in the geographical center of Russia. There are different ways to get to Tomsk.

If you enter Russia in Moscow you can travel to Tomsk by train or air.

There are direct trains from Moscow, which depart on odd days (1,3,5,7,9....). Trains bound for Tomsk depart from Moscow, Yaroslavsky Railway station late in the evening and arrive in Tomsk in 56 hours. Please be advised that the Russian Railway uses Moscow time in time-tables all over Russia. There are several trains from Moscow to other Siberian and Far Eastern cities, which go through Taiga station or Novosibirsk main station. From those stations you get to Tomsk either by local trains or buses. Detailed information about the Russian railway service and timetables are available at the website of Russian Railways. If you travel by train, the halls of residence are within walking distance (10-15 minutes) from the railway station Tomsk 1. From the railway station Tomsk 1 you can also take buses: 10, 29, 27, 77,  trolleybus routes 4, 7 and get off at Kirov Square (second stop after the railway station) Another option would be taking tram 4 and getting off at tram depot stop (second from the railway station).

If you arrive in Tomsk from Moscow by plane there are four air carriers serving the route. From Moscow airport Domodedovo or airport Sheremetyevo. All flights are daily and overnight, departing Moscow late at night and arriving early in the morning. From the airport, you can take bus 119 and get off at Kirov Square stop and from there walk about 3 minutes. You can also take a cab from the airport. The fare is around 500 roubles (10 EUR).

If you enter Russia in Novosibirsk airport, we recommend a shuttle bus service from the airport to Tomsk (railway/bus station).