Tomsk State Pedagogical University

Faculty of Continuing Education and Professional Development

Dean: Prischepa Tatiana Alexandrovna
Location: Tomsk, Komsomolsky prospect 75, office 120
Phone: ( 3822) 52-14-38
Dean’s office schedule: Monday-Friday c 9:00 - 18:00

Presentation of all models of continuing education in English

Dear teachers! The Faculty of Continuing Education and Professional Development welcomes you.

Over the rich history of the Tomsk State Pedagogical University, a system of advanced training and professional retraining of teaching staff has been formed and gain universal recognition. The goal of our faculty is to develop not only regional but also whole-Russian education. We focus our efforts on the most important issues of organizing the educational process in educational institutions (educational institutions, preschool educational institutions) in accordance with the Federal State Educational Standard.

Our faculty is constantly updating the approaches, technologies for the implementation of advanced training courses, focusing on the requirements of the time. Modern implementation of online-courses should allow the teacher to independently choose the content, timing, schedule of training, taking into account their professional needs, capabilities, level of qualifications. Today, at the Faculty of Continuing Education and Professional Development, a significant role in organizing advanced training courses is assigned to distance learning technologies.

The Faculty of Continuing Education and Professional Development of personnel of the TSPU offers our colleagues — teachers, directors, deputy directors of schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, educators, deputy heads of preschool educational institutions, methodologists, specialists in the field of additional education the following new forms of joint activities:

  • Further education courses organized on the Networking platform: 32 hours of full-time training in the classroom, 76 hours - remotely.
  • Further education courses organized according to the Distributed model: 72/108 hours — completely distance learning without inter.
  • Retraining programs within the part-time schedule.
  • Retraining programs in the framework of complete distance learning.
  • Joint training courses with an educational institution on the basis of internship possibilities of the TSPU.


  • Center for the design and implementation of additional professional programs

The specialists at the center organize and support advanced training courses in accordance with different models: a network platform, a modular distributed system, etc. The distributed advanced training system is implemented completely remotely on the Open Pedagogical Laboratory website Also the center's specialists accompany internships and various innovative projects of educational organizations of the Tomsk region and Russia.

  • Center for the implementation of additional education

The specialists of the center organize and support various remote projects, events on the sites "Pedagogical Planet" and "Cognitive Academy Success" The center's specialists accompany the internship and various innovative projects of educational organizations of the Tomsk region and Russia.

We do our best to provide high efficiency of our courses and support productive communication with colleagues in order to expand new professional horizons.