Tomsk State Pedagogical University

TSPU Campus

Main Building

(634061, Tomsk, ul. Kievskaya 60)

Building: 2

Корпуса ТГПУThe building is a monument of architecture of the early 20th century. It was built in 1905 specifically for Tomsk Teachers’ Institute by the famous Siberian architect F.F. Guth.

The main building hosts the university administration, training department, department of postgraduate education and research, department of general and legal affairs, admission department and social policy department, department of youth policy, the management of regulatory support and supervision of educational activities, management of accounting and financial control; economy management, A.M. Volkov children museum “The Land of Fairy-tale”, cafeteria.

Building 1

(634041, Tomsk, pr. Komsomolsky 75)

Building: 1

Корпуса ТГПУThe building was unveiled in 1966, the outbuilding - in 2000.

The building hosts: Faculty of Foreign Languages, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Faculty of Economics and Management, Faculty of Psychology, Public Relations and Advertising, Faculty of General Educational Programmes; Faculty of Professional Development; scientific library; edition office of the journal “Bulletin of Tomsk State Pedagogical University” ; archive; trade union : the trade union committee of employees , the trade union committee of students, the Institute of Applied Informatics, Housekeeping administration; Institute of Theory of Education, information Technology Museum, Museum of Tomsk State Pedagogical University, student club, touring club, department of TSPU television, assembly hall, sports hall , dining-room, snack bar, a medical office.

Building 5

(634061, Tomsk ul. Kievskaya 62a)

Building: 5

Корпуса ТГПУThe building was put into operation in 1986.

The building hosts: Faculty of Physical Training and Sports; branch number 1 of the scientific library, anatomical museum, the museum of physical training and sports, cafeteria.



Sports and Recreation Complex

(634061, Tomsk, ul. Kievskaya, 62a, building 1)

Number of floors: 2

Корпуса ТГПУThe sports complex was commissioned in 1989.

The sports complex hosts: sports hall, gymnastics hall, aerobics and physical therapy, fitness hall, valeology centre.



Building 6

(634061, Tomsk, ul. Kievskaya 60, building 1)

Building: 6

Корпуса ТГПУThe building was put into operation in 1989. The building hosts: a specialized laboratory of the Biology and Chemistry Faculty, testing Agroecology laboratory, peat museum.




Building 7

(634061, Tomsk, ul. Gertsena 47)

Building: 7

Корпуса ТГПУThe building was put into operation in 1980. The building hosts the Biology and Chemistry Faculty.




Building 8

(634057, Tomsk ul. Karla Ilmera 15/1)

Building: 8

Корпуса ТГПУThe building was unveiled in 2003. The building hosts: Faculty of History and Philology, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Technology and Entrepreneurship; branch number 2 of the scientific library, Department of General Informatics, Department of Swimming; swimming pool “Poseidon”; service centre, the ethno-linguistic museum “Russian house in Siberia”; office of dialects study and ethnolinguistics, museum of decorative arts of the peoples of Siberia, museum of archaeology and ethnology of Siberia, dining-room, snack bar.

Sports and recreation pool “Poseidon”

(634057, Tomsk, ul. Karla Ilmera 15/1)

Number of floors: 1

Корпуса ТГПУSports and recreation pool “Poseidon” was commissioned in 2008. The pool has four 25-meter lanes. Indoor swimming pool features a cafeteria.





Educational Laboratory Building

(634041, Tomsk, pr. Komsomolsky, 75)


(634061, Tomsk, ul. Kievskaya, 60/1)

Educational building 9

(634057, Tomsk, ul. Karla Ilmera, 15/1)

Building: 9

Корпуса ТГПУThe building was put into operation in 2010. It hosts the Institute of Culture, Department of Art Education, TSPU Art Gallery





Department of Physics Education Development

(634041, Tomsk, pr. Komsomolsky , 64-2B)

TSPU Dormitories

Dormitory 2

(Tomsk, ul. Kievskaya 64)

The dormitory was built in 1969. It has 232 rooms. The dormitory is equipped with a fitness studio and laundry.

Dormitories 3,4

(Tomsk, pr. Komsomolsky 64)

The dormitories were built in 1988-1990. The buildings have 431 rooms. The dormitories are equipped with a canteen, fitness studio and laundry.

 rest and recriation center “Uchitel”

(634041, Tomsk ul. Gertsena, 49)