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TSPU Museum Complex

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Director: Tatyana Galkina
Address: 634041 , Tomsk, pr. Komsomolsky, 75 office 515
E-Mail: Museum -, Director -
Leading methodologist: Melnikova Lidia
Supervisor: Shabanova Valentina

The museum complex of Tomsk State Pedagogical University was established by the order of the rector in 2004. Besides the Museum of History of TSPU, the Museum “Magic World” named after. A.M. Volkov,  Art Gallery of TSPU,  Ethnolinguistic Museum “Russian House in Siberia”. The complex includes eight more specialized audiences faculty museums.

During the last five years at the complex hosted 49 art exhibitions in the Art Gallery, held more than 2000 excursions to the museums, held competitions and activities involving students and residents of Tomsk, developed courses in museum work, issued about 70 publications, reflecting life museums (booklets about art exhibitions, monograph “Unknown A.M.Volkov in letters”, specialized manuals, design contests), as well as several films chronicling the exhibition activities.

The staff of the Museum complex participate in conferences held all over Russia, hold group and individual lessons on the museum and museum practice with local lorefor TSPU students. The “Tour Guides Club” and “The Art School”, organized by the museum staff complex, enjoy the love of the students.