Tomsk State Pedagogical University


The Tomsk State Pedagogical University is actively involved in scientific activities in various fields of science: humanities, natural and technical sciences, from cosmology to linguistics. The TSPU conducts research in more than 20 main scientific areas including Theoretical Physics, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Ecology, Soil Science, History, Economics, Philosophy of Science and Technology, Literature, Linguistics, Pedagogy, Psychology, Culture, etc. Over the long history of the university, many scientific schools have been formed and won scientific recognition.

"Quantum field theory and gravity" (professors I. L. Buchbinder, P. M. Lavrov, V. V. Obukhov, S. D. Odintsov, I. L. Shapiro, K. E. Osetrin, V.Y a. Epp and others), according to the Russian and foreign experts, carries out important research at the world level.

"Swamps and Biosphere" under the leadership of professor L. I. Inisheva carries out work on the project within the framework of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation on the topic: "Regularities of the functioning and evolution of Siberian swamp ecosystems under conditions of changing climatic factors".

The scientific school in the field of methods of teaching mathematics in higher and secondary schools (professors E. G. Gelfman, M. A. Kholodnaya) united many researchers, teachers of mathematics at pedagogical universities and schools. The results of their activities are widely used in the education system of many regions of the country.

Many research areas are carried out in collaboration with the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna), the Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow), the Mathematical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow), the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics (Moscow), the Institute of Mathematics (Novosibirsk), the University of Pennsylvania (USA), University of Maryland (USA), Nagoya University (Japan), Institute for Educational Systems Development of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow), Goethe, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), A. Humboldt Foundation (Germany), Wroclaw University (Poland).

In the recent researches, the employees of the TSPU studied the following topics:

  • Supersymmetry in quantum field theory and higher spin field theory.
  • Foreign students of Tomsk universities from Asian countries: educational migration as a factor in the development of the export potential of the Siberian region.
  • Spatially homogeneous models of space-time in metric theories of gravity, allowing separation of variables in the Hamilton-Mock equation for test particles
  • Regularities and trends in the development of university cities: an economic and sociological review
  • Features of rural schools in the context of the formation of the information society in Russia. Subdivision: Faculty of Psychological, Pedagogical and Special Education.
  • Interaction of junior schoolchildren with different educational needs in a foreign language lesson through educational communication. Subdivision: Faculty of Preschool and Primary Education

The TSPU regularly participates in international conferences and organizes scientific events. Recently the university took part in the following conferences:

  • International videoconference "Prospects for the development of joint scientific projects" together with Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology, Santa Catarina (Brazil)
  • V International Video Conference "Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language” together with Polish Institute (Poland), Mudanjiang Pedagogical University (China)
  • International Round Table "Events and Events in Slavic Literatures of Critical Epochs" together with Masaryk University (Czech Republic)
  • International videoconference on joint scientific projects in the field of physics and mathematics together with Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology (Brazil),
  • International Conference "Quantum Field Theory and Gravity - QFTG'2020"