Tomsk State Pedagogical University

Russian language programs

Russian Language Preparatory Course

The Russian Preparatory Course (two semesters) is aimed at learning Russian for further enrollment as a full-time student at TSPU.

The tuition fee for two semesters is around 35 000 roubles (subject to change).

The course starts on September 1st.

Accommodation: usually students live in students halls of residence in double rooms or rooms for 3 people. Shower facilities are shared with all students on the floor. In the academic year 2010/2011 places for students of the Russian preparatory course are limited. Students are encouraged to look for private accommodation. Private accommodation starts from 8000 roubles a month.

Living expenses (food and city transportation) are about 5000 roubles a month.

Medical Insurance: medical insurance is obligatory for everyone and costs around 300  roubles a month (subject to change).

Visa and visa fees: Russian visa fees depend on your citizenship. Please contact the nearest Russian diplomatic mission for further information. Once you get your visa to study at TSPU, which is usually valid for 3 month and one entry, you should maintain your student status. After 3 months of your stay the visa will be extended for one year for multiple entries. Beginning 29th January 2010 the fee for visa extension is 1000 roubles. Further visas are extended every year. Russian student visas are valid for the inviting university. Should you decide to change the university, you have to leave the Russian Federation to apply for a new visa.

Employment: employment is not allowed unless it is “on campus” part-time job, e.g. laboratory assistant.

Application procedure:

  1. print out and fill out the application form , scan it preferably as a PDF file and send back via email. The original should be brought in person for enrollment.
  2. attach a scanned copy (in colour) of your certificate of secondary education. If the certificate is not in Russian or English a translation should be attached.
  3. fill out the application for the official invitation and send it back to us along with well-readable scanned page of the passport (identification page and amendments or extension pages, if applicable)
  4. your CV (curriculum vitae or resume). Here is an example
  5. some nationals are requested to pay the full one-year tuition fee prior arrival in the Russian Federation. No inviation will be issued until the full payment has been received. In the event of such payment, applicants are required to fill in additional agreements: in English and/or Russian. They should be scanned and emailed. The originals should be brought in person for enrollment.

Application deadline: 10th June

IMPORTANT: All scanned copies should be in colour, good quality and preferably as a PDF. file (jpg. files are also acceptable but not preferable) in order to be processed. Incomplete applications will be disregarded.

Presentaion of false or forged documents and information at any stage of application or study will result in immediate exclusion from the programme. No paid or prepaid tuition or/and administrative fees are returned. This also usually results in permanent deportation.

Please be advised that international applicants with a good command of Russian who would like to be enrolled as full time students for a degree programme should also bring a certificate of secondary education recognition issued by the Russian Ministry of Education. Students without this certificate should bring their national certificates of education (with attachment) which is legalized in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country and in the Russian Diplomatic Mission in your country and also two copies of the certified translation into Russian of the certificate of secondary education (with attachment). Please note that all stamps and seals should be also translated. The fee for the certificate of recognition is approximately 3000 roubles (subject to change)

The same rules also apply Russian preparatory course graduates in the event they will study further as full-time students for a degree programme.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact TSPU International Office Team

Our international alumni of the Russian preparatory course say

Byambasuren Lkhundev (in the photo first on the right), Purevdulam Davaanyam (in the photo first on the left, students of the preparatory courses on the Russian language, Mongolia:

In 2008-2009 we studied in the city of Tomsk, at TSPU. We came to Tomsk from Mongolia to study the Russian language. Tomsk is a student city. This city is s Siberian scientific center. We thought so, that’s why we chose this city. We chose TSPU because at this university you could acquire a profession of the Russian language teacher.

Tomsk is a beautiful city, calm, green and white. Tomsk winter surprised us very much. We have never seen so much snow before. In the street the depth of snow is as a half of me. In this city there are a lot of beautiful buildings. Tomsk State Pedagogical University is also beautiful and we liked it very much. We are thankful to our teachers – Ludmila Anatoljevna and Nadezhda Nikolaevna, who taught us the Russian language.

Enkhbaatar Munkh-Od, student of the preparatory courses on the Russian language, Mongoilia:

My name is Munkh-Od. My Russian name is Artem. I am 18 years old. I came to Tomsk to study. Before I lived in Mongolia and now I live in Tomsk dormitory. It is very gaily here. I study at the preparatory courses, study the Russian language and psychology. In free time I visit library. There I read books and work on computer. I like Tomsk very much because there are a lot of universities here. Also I like Lagerny Sad (Garden), Quay etc. I have a lot of friends in Tomsk. They always help me. They are very kind and cheerful. Next year I will study at TUSUR. I am very glad that I will enter TUSUR.
See you in Tomsk!

Moltsog Byambanaran, student of the preparatory courses on the Russian language, Mongoilia:

My name is Byambanaran. I am 18 years old. I came from Mongolia to Tomsk in October, 2008. After graduating school I chose Tomsk to study at University. During 2008-2009 academic year I studied at Pedagogical University, at the preparatory courses where I studied the Russian language. Additionally I studied together with the students of TSPU at International laboratory of cognitive-adaptive technologies of psychology of education. These lessons helped me to get acquainted with Russian students better, to understand peculiarities of life in another country. It was very interesting. I presented my papers at the conferences with my new friends - Russian and foreign students. I told them about culture of Mongolia. Now I have a lot of Russian friends, they are very clever and always help me. I wan to continue my study at Tomsk State Pedagogical University.

Enkhbat Khash-Erdene, student of the preparatory courses on the Russian language, Mongolia:

My name is Khash Erdene. I am 17 years old. I always liked the Russian language and when I knew that I could go to Russia to study the Russian language I was very glad. And now I study at Tomsk State Pedagogical University, at the preparatory courses. Life in Russia is very interesting for me. Tomsk is a student city. Especially life at the dormitory is gaily and interesting. I got acquainted with a lot of Russian students. My Russian friends always help me, we permanently communicate Russian. Now my language becomes much better. Also I studied at the student laboratory of cognitive-adaptive technologies of psychology of education. It helped me to get used quickly and to participate together with Russian students in scientific life. I presented my papers twice and worried very much but everything was great. Next year I will come to Tomsk again.

Enkhbaatar Tuvshin-Erdene, student of the preparatory courses on the Russian language, Mongolia:

I am E. Tuvshin-Erdene. I am 19 years old. I came from Mongolia to study. I live in Tomsk already for 8 months. I like Tomsk very much. It is very cozy and hospitable city. I like to walk round the city, look at the monuments, beautiful buildings, visit museums. I saw a lot of monuments and got acquainted with culture of Tomsk. In Tomsk there are a lot of interesting places: Lagerny Sad (Garden), Quay, Novosobornaya Square and University Roscha (Grove). Also I liked Drama Theatre. It was very beautiful there. I have a lot of friends in Tomsk. Also I spend much time together with Russian students at student laboratory. It is interesting there. When I come home I will tell everybody about Tomsk, Tomsk State Pedagogical University, laboratory, conferences and holidays, which were organized at TSPU, teachers who studied us the Russian language and helped us to adapt to new life psychologically.

Photo: international students from Mongolia doing homework in the computer lab.