Tomsk State Pedagogical University

International Relations

TomskState Pedagogical University is the Centre for Education, Science and Culture, one of the leading educational institutions of Russia. Special attention is given to the international activities of the University.

In 2009 Tomsk State Pedagogical University became the winner of the "hundred best universities in Russia".  The competition was held by the International Academy for Quality and Marketing under the auspices of the Federation Council Committee on Education and Science and the State Duma Committee on Education. Rector of Tomsk State Pedagogical University , Valery V. Obukhov, recognized the rector of the year, and the Pedagogical University was awarded a gold medal, "European Quality " also got 2 diplomas of the winner of the contest in the category: "Scientific School" and "Leader of international activities".

Tomsk State Pedagogical University has extensive international contacts, established partnerships with such influential international organizations such as the Department of Education of the Council of Europe, the Institute for Research and retraining United Nations (UNITAR), the DAAD, the Institute after Goethe, IREX, the Alliance Francaise , the British Council, Fulbright, American Councils for International Education, the German Academic Exchange Service, the Dutch Institute, the Carnegie Foundation and others. A special place in international relations takes participation of TSPU in a consortium led by the Dresden University of Technology in the framework of the academic mobility "Erasmus Mundus".

The university is implementing various programs of international collaboration with the  foreign universities and organizations. The cooperation with the universities of the Republic of Poland - Wroclaw, Opole and Krakow University. Permanent academic exchanges and mutual interactive lectures over the Internet in real-time physics, chemistry, sociology, English and Spanish TSPU performs with the University of North Carolina, Pembroke (USA).

Collaboration with the University of Indiana is part of a specific project "Cultural Immersion". An agreement was signed between the Department of Theoretical Physics, Tomsk State Pedagogical University and the University of Uestern Case Reserve, Cleveland, Ohio (USA), which introduces a research and exchange of information is carried out .

Concluded international agreements on cooperation in the specialty "Linguistics" with the city of Sardis Science Centre (Canada), University of Belefeld (Germany), University of Rouen (France), with a degree in "Theoretical Physics" - with the universities of Philadelphia (United States), Munich, Berlin, Potsdam, Leipzig (Germany), the University of Crete (Greece), Polytechnic Institute, Paris (France, Technical University of Gothenburg (Sweden), University of Utrecht (The Netherlands), Imperial College London(UK), specialty "Polish" - with the Ministry of education of Poland, the field of "Russian as a foreign language", "Polish as a foreign language " with the University of Wroclaw (Poland), specialty "Physical culture and Sport" - with pedagogical university, Mogilev (Belarus), the Institute of Physical Culture in Ulan Bator (Mongolia).

In recent years, there is an active development in cooperation with universities in Japan - Hiroshima University and Ochanomizu University, Tokyo. On the basis of TSPU opened the country's only information booth Hiroshima office of the Institute of Research and Professional Enhancement of the United Nations (UNITAR).

Advanced Training Vocational retraining лучше сделать One of the main activities of the university is working on academic exchanges. Graduate and undergraduate students leave for probation, in accordance with agreements with foreign universities, universities in Poland, Japan, Norway, China, the U.S., Mongolia, Brazil, Australia, Finland, the UK, France, Spain, Italy and Turkey. It has become an annual tradition to send students for a period of 3-4 months to the U.S. under the "Work and Travel" program and to work as counselors through the offices of the programs.