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TSPU at World Youth Festival 2024

As The World Youth Festival, uniting 20,000 global participants in Russia, concludes, we delve into the experiences of TSPU students and staff.

Over 200 events unfolded, offering attendees diverse experiences. From the captivating performances at Ilya Averbukh's Ice Show to Sergey Bezrukov's enlightening lecture on the "Cultural Code of Russia," participants immersed themselves in the cultural tapestry of the nation. For students of Tomsk Pedagogical University, entrusted with nurturing moral values and shaping the younger generation, this discourse held particular significance.


Начарова круг«It was useful for me, as a teacher and deputy chairman of student trade union, to attend Alena Lepeshkina's master class "I Want and I'll Get", where I learned how to correctly formulate goals for their effective achievement, —says Master's student Anastasia Nacharova. — I could not miss the platforms related to the development of youth policy and trade union movement. At one of them I managed to exchange experience with colleagues from Argentina. Surprisingly, their universities have practically no scholarships and very few student dormitories! Colleagues were interested in the experience of our trade union, and we agreed to continue cooperation, including through the implementation of joint projects». 

Through their active participation, TSPU students showcased the University's symbolics at the Youth Peace Procession and shared insights into its achievements at the Tomsk Region interactive platform.


Бобкова круг«During my student life, I have been to festivals and competitions of different levels, but this was the first time I participated in a global event. It was interesting to analyze the approaches to the organization and to see how to keep the interest of such a diverse audience. The most important thing I learned was the idea of providing freedom of choice among a variety of topics for communication and information exchange. Every person is different, and everyone should be able to choose what they are really interested in. Now I will try to implement this approach in the organization of events both at the university and at school», — says Ekaterina Bobkova, a master's student at the Faculty of Preschool and Elementary Education.

Meanwhile, students serving in the festival's volunteer corps honed their skills and abilities. Tatyana Chashchina, head of the university's student squads, expanded her repertoire in team building and cultivated diplomatic communication skills as an attache of foreign delegations.

The World Youth Festival also proved beneficial for Mikhail Yurievich Pronkin, Head of TSPU's Department of Youth Policy and Social and Educational Work, fostering opportunities for international collaboration and cooperation.

During the closing ceremony Russian President Vladimir Putin underscored the festival's slogan, "Starting the future together," emphasizing the pivotal role of participants as representatives of global youth activism.

Having returned to their home waters, the students and staff of TSPU started pedagogical and activist activities taking into account the new knowledge and skills acquired during the week of the cultural and educational program.

As The World Youth Festival, uniting 20,000 global participants in Russia, concludes, we delve into the experiences of TSPU students and staff.