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Russian Student’s Day at TSPU!

Every year on January 25th, Russia celebrates an important holiday — Student’s Day. The Tomsk State Pedagogical University (TSPU) congratulated its students, making this day vibrant and memorable. 

First of all, together, Tomsk major universities created a set of greeting cards that symbolize the unity of Tomsk educational institutions and respect for student status.

One of the highlights of Student’s Day was a breakfast of activists with the TSPU Rector, Andrey Nikolaevich Makarenko. He emphasized the importance of shaping an active life position during the student years:




«Right now, you are laying the foundation that will become a support for both your life and our country for many years to come. Don't be indifferent, express yourselves, and explore life with kindness in your hearts».



Leaders and activists of youth movements discussed the results of a year-long activity and future plans with the head of our university. Currently, TSPU has 10 youth structures involving 712 participants.

The presentations were all about boosting student involvement and making a difference at the university. The Student Union is set to tweak local rules and organize events for the Year of the Family. Meanwhile, the Student Club is all about cultural activities to spark student engagement in events from campus to nationwide.

The Student Career Guidance Team discussed their collaboration with university units in charge of attracting applicants. They hosted 60+ events last year and aim to engage more enthusiasts, expanding their career guidance efforts to other regions this year.

The volunteer squad «Point of View» implements various forms of volunteer activities and collaborates with non-profit organizations. In 2024, students plan to enhance their ecological volunteering efforts.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the University Student Squads. Today, it comprises six squads, including pedagogical, agricultural, service, archaeological, and guide squads. The students set a goal for this year — to be among the top 3 best squads in the region.

Dmitry Buynitsky, the Director of the Center for Educational Work and Youth Policy, introduced new events aimed at creating an educational environment at the university: "Pedagogical Workshop" and "Educational Workshop," involving over 500 students and over 30 teachers from Tomsk schools.

The Intellectual Games Club pulled off 60+ events of different levels. The TSPU Television celebrated its wins in 2023 — it took first place in the regional round of the «Russian Student Spring» festival and the «University-2023» competition for student media projects. Guys also introduced fresh content like the «Young and Green» podcast and the online project «People». The Patriotic Education Department showcased major initiatives, including the team-tactical sports-patriotic game «Confrontation», a joint effort with local tourist clubs and veteran organizations in Tomsk.

When sharing their plans, the TSPU youth structures also discussed their requests with the rector — from updating the equipment and technical base to acquiring training in project activities, enabling students to formalize project initiatives and receive support from grantors. Andrey Makarenko highlighted the importance of such meetings and expressed readiness to engage in discussions and address the issues raised by students during the meeting.

On Tatiana's Day, university students also had a meeting with Tomsk's Mayor, Dmitry Alexandrovich Makhin. Victoria Koksheneva, head of the Youth Policy Department at the TSPU, represented the university. They discussed student activities, accomplishments in federal programs, and future plans. After the formalities, the Mayor  joined students at Novo-Sobornaya Square to participate in the holiday tradition — to tie a scarf on the Tatiana of Rome monument.