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On November 11 and 13, Seversk hosted the Interregional Robotic Competition "RoboRally," organized by the Seversk Center for Digital Education "IT-Cube" and the Pedagogical Technopark "Quantorium" named after B.I. Vershinin at the TSPU. The event was attended by 37 school students.

The competition's framework, designed by the director of the Pedagogical Technopark "Quantorium" at the TSPU, Olga Sergeevna Kamneva, was included in robotics competitions for the Governor of the Tomsk Region's Cup for children as an author's concept back in 2014.


Kamneva noted: «The relatively simple entry level attracts the attention of novice robotics enthusiasts to the competition. This year, we resumed a partnership program for organizing various robotics competitions and contests that started in 2014».

A similar event had already been conducted by the TSPU Quantorium as part of the Regional Family Festival "Technoancestors." Participating in the rally this time, students showcased robots they had assembled themselves, demonstrating their skill in controlling them across terrain with various obstacles.

СавицкаяEvgeniya Romanovna Savitskaya, a teacher at the IT-Cube Center in Seversk, commented: «The event followed the popular 'RoboRally' format but involved younger participants than the robotics competitions for the Governor of the Tomsk Region's Cup. It provided an excellent opportunity for those who haven't yet reached the 5th-grade age to experience this type of competition. They can later improve their rovers and participate in higher categories of 'RoboRally' competitions. The 'Amateur Operator' category allowed even those who hadn't studied this discipline to get acquainted with competitive robotics. I believe these competitions have sparked more interest in learning in this direction among children!»

The events strengthened the partnership between the two organizations. According to Yuliya Gennadievna Martynova, the director of the IT-Cube Center in Seversk, collaboration with the TSPU Quantorium represents a new stage in development, offering an excellent opportunity to elevate competitions from municipal to interregional and nationwide levels, thereby attracting more children to technical creativity.

Quantorium's future plans include conducting similar activities in collaboration with colleagues from the Children's Quantorium in Asino and other partners in the Siberian region.