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The new academic year at the Tomsk Pedagogical University was celebrated on a grand scale First-year students visited their faculties, got acquainted with their classmates and supervisors. In the Pedagogical Technopark "Quantorium" a video conference with the Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Sergey Kravtsov took place. In the evening the whole university gathered at the festival "Break into the Pedagogical".

Traditionally, the Knowledge Day began with organizational meetings at all faculties and institutes for first-year students. The students got acquainted with the administration and pedagogical staff, with the internal regulations of the university, with the curators who will accompany them in the process of adaptation in the university.

Богданова А.Г. круг 2"Take all the opportunities the university has to offer. Try to keep a balance. And for our international students, of which we have many, I recommend to be open and communicate more actively with Russian-speaking students, to try to learn more about Russian culture, our traditions, to immerse yourself in the language environment", — said Anna Gennadyevna Bogdanova, Director of the Institute of Foreign Languages and International Cooperation.

At the Institute of Foreign Languages, an online event was also organized for first-year students enrolled in the dual degree program implemented by the TSPU and the Jilin University of Foreign Languages. The event was attended by 60 freshmen from China and representatives of the administration of the partner university. A.G. Bogdanova, Director of the Institute, congratulated colleagues and students, told them about Russia, Tomsk and the oldest pedagogical university in the Urals.

In all departments the students received information about opportunities to participate in scientific and cultural events of the university, got acquainted with student associations and their activists.

IMG 20230904 081313 261"My mother and her friends studied at the TSPU. Their recommendations influenced my choice. From the first day I realized that this place suits me, I feel very comfortable here. Now I am driven by interest and desire to learn foreign languages, I hope it will lead me to a profession I will love. In the meantime, I expect to enjoy the process of studying, find new friends, teachers, hobbies and motivation", — says Sofia Shakirova, a first-year student at the Institute of Foreign Languages.

This year, the newcomers to the Faculty of Psychology and Special Education had a unique opportunity to talk to the Director of the Department of State Policy and Educational Work of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Pokrovsky, who is a honored graduate of the Faculty. He told about his studenthood, career path, the guidelines of modern youth and the importance of the university at the start of professional development. 

Покровский Дмитрий круг"You have entered one of the best pedagogical universities in the country, the university with the best system of educational work and youth policy. The TSPU that will give you the foundation that will help you spread your wings. I say this based not only on my own example, but also on the examples of my fellow students who graduated from this university and achieved great heights,— said D.E. Pokrovsky. — All conditions have been created for you today: you can develop in science, in arts, in sports. And it is you who will be the drivers of this country's development, you will take our places. You will decide what future awaits us. And our task today is to create such an environment in which you will be able to realize all your potential. The TSPU will accompany you on this path, because its strength lies in continuity. At all times here, senior students and teachers have supervised, mentored and supported the younger ones. And that will always be that way!"

The guest recommended the freshmen to get acquainted with the Student Squad "Danko" as soon as possible. After all, with the support of the university administration he revived this squad, created in 1972. In the archives of the university Dmitry and his comrade found information about the student pedagogical squad. Restoration took time: they found a room, people, organized the first "School of tutors". And already in five years "Danko" became the best pedagogical squad of the country. Dmitry's professional path began with this story, which can serve as an example for everyone.

The next stage of the festive day was a remote conference with Sergey Sergeyevich Kravtsov, Minister of Education of the Russian Federation.

Кравцов Сергей Сергеевич Круг"In this significant year, which was declared the Year of Educator and Mentor, I congratulate all students on the Knowledge Day. I want to thank all students who chose the pedagogical profession. Today we can confidently say that pedagogical universities are very popular among young people, many aspire to become teachers, which is very important and encouraging. I want you to remember: the future of our country depends on you, because in a few years you will lead new schoolchildren into the world of knowledge and become real mentors for them!"

At the same time, schoolchildren also met the Knowledge Day at the TSPU. In the Year of the Teacher and Mentor, the university became involved in solving the issues of organizing the educational process in schools undergoing major repairs. Thus, from September 1, 2023 the academic year in the walls of the TSPU started for primary school students of the A.F. Lebedev School No. 14 and their teachers.

In the evening the Center for Educational Work and Youth Policy of the TSPU has invited everyone to the traditional festival "Break into the Pedagogical", which was opened by the Fair of Student Structures.

From the festive stage, the rector of the TSPU Andrei Nikolaevich Makarenko congratulated the audience:

"The life of each of us is a road, which has its crossroads and control points, where you decide on what trajectory to move on. Now you have passed an important stage - you have graduated from school, then started a new stage as students of the Tomsk Pedagogical University. Be active, do not be afraid to apply the available knowledge and know that your future professionalism will depend on how responsibly you approach your studies now".