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The Russia-Islamic World Forum, a significant event aimed at fostering international cooperation, was held as a federal-level gathering for the first time. Over the course of two days, the forum's platforms hosted 15,000 guests from 84 countries worldwide. Among the participants was Vadim Yuryevich Zyubanov, Head of the International Cooperation Department at the Institute of Foreign Languages and International Relations,

The session saw the attendance of representatives from Russian ministries, diplomatic agencies, and pedagogical universities, alongside delegates from the Islamic world. Deputy Minister of Education of the Russian Federation, Denis Yevgenyevich Gribov, delivered an address to the participants, emphasizing Russia's commitment to comprehensive and mutually beneficial cooperation with member states of the "Islamic Cooperation" organization. Gribov highlighted the significance of respecting their unique political systems and traditional spiritual and moral values.

Грибов«It has been repeatedly emphasized that today the Islamic world is one of the centers of the emerging multipolar world. Russia consistently maintains the closest relations with the countries of the Islamic world, based on mutual trust and respect. Our cooperation is enhanced by broad public support and cooperation through business circles, religious associations and youth organizations, scientists and cultural figures. The Russian Ministry of Education is working on a number of humanitarian projects, including the creation and development of joint educational infrastructure, sending Russian teachers abroad to teach in local schools, advanced training of Russian language teachers and many others. I am sure we will continue active cooperation in all these areas».

During the event, participants discussed the promotion of the Russian language with colleagues from Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and other countries. Attention was paid to the creation of centers for open education in Russian and teaching Russian language — the TSPU is working on this task in Kenya.

Зюбанов«Russia and Islamic countries have a lot of points of contact and vectors of cooperation. The session was devoted to the development of multicultural understanding between Russia and Islamic countries and the importance of preserving the Russian language as a language of international communication, — says V. Zyubanov. — The number of Muslims in our country is from 25 to 35 million and it is approximately 12-15% of the total population. This number is constantly increasing, and there is a need for interaction between the educational systems of Russia and Islamic countries in order to create conditions for adaptation of Muslim citizens coming to our country, as well as the need to promote the Russian language abroad. Pedagogical universities can play a key role in solving these problems. The Ministry of Education is implementing a number of major projects to promote the Russian language, culture, and Russian values. This year TSPU is participating in one of the projects aimed at launching open education centers abroad and plans to open such a center by the beginning of the school year in the Republic of Kenya.».

The participants discussed the development of multicultural competence of students in the Islamic world, the prospects for competitions for students and professional competitions through the prism of Russia's experience and directions of international cooperation.