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60 teenagers from the city of Bryanka of Lugansk People's Republic have taken part in the third season of the project of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation "University Shifts" in Tomsk State Pedagogical University.

Children from 14 to 17 years traveled almost four days to join the cultural and educational program "A Date with Russia: New Horizons". 

The town of Bryanka is a remote one, located on the spurs of the Donetsk mountain range. Many of its young residents admitted that they have never been to children's camps.

"We were glad to receive a very friendly welcome in the new city, — says participant Ilya Garbar. — Back on the train we were able to meet and talk to new people, and at the university we were able to get acquainted with our mentors through fun and interesting activities".

Due to their age, the guys are actively interested in learning opportunities in educational institutions of Siberia - universities and institutions of secondary vocational education. Future students will visit universities as part of the program of the shift. At the gala evening concert they were greeted by the rector of the university Andrey Nikolaevich Makarenko:

"We are glad to welcome you on the hospitable land of Tomsk, — Andrei Nikolaevich said to the participants. — Tomsk is a city of youth, a university city, and it is no coincidence that it is a pedagogical university that hosts guests from Donbass. The quintessence of pedagogy is communication, cooperation, and transfer of experience. During these 10 days of University Shifts, you will find new acquaintances, get a lot of new impressions, skills, and abilities. Welcome to Tomsk Pedagogical University!"

After the presentation of the program the whole team went on the first excursion route "Tomsk in legends and tales". The guests visited key historical points of Siberian Athens - Voskresenskaya Mountain, a place of city foundation, White Lake, Lagerny Garden, heard where the names of Tomsk itself and Tom River came from, were able to imagine what the characters of famous city myths looked like and how each of them influenced the birth of Tomsk.

"The sightseeing tour of the city was very educational! — shares Irina Sivolodskaya. — Despite the gloomy weather, we spent this time with benefit and interest. Most of all we were impressed by its scale of the sculptural composition "Motherland Handing Arms to Her Son", dedicated to the Great Patriotic War".

Teenagers from the LNR will further familiarize themselves with Tomsk by visiting historical sites, scientific and cultural locations - museums, universities, etc. In interaction with teachers of the TSPU the participants of "University shift" will be able to increase the level of various skills useful for life. They will also enjoy a tasting of Tomsk products, sporting events, the celebration of Russian Federation State Flag Day, and much more.