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The Institute for the Development of Pedagogical Education of the TSPU held a seminar-research "The impact of digitalization in education on the professional development of teacher-researchers. The participants, young experienced researchers, dealt with the issue of the significance of digitalization in education and pedagogical science.

The seminar-research brought together more than 50 representatives of different levels of education: undergraduates, graduate students, young and experienced scientists, teacher-researchers of the education system (preschool and general education institutions, institutions of higher and additional education). The event was the final in the series of seminars of the Second Scientific School.

During the work, the participants presented reports, which enabled a deep reflection on topical issues of digital economy and systemic digital transformation in education. Face-to-face and remote work with the cases of the autonomous non-profit organization "Digital Economy" helped to form an idea of the importance of teachers' digital competencies in modern society, as well as to extend the functionality of the "end-to-end" digital technologies used today in education and science. The final works of the teams "Scoring applicants for university admission", "Smart mirror for speech therapist ArtikMe", and "Digital platform for diagnosing and improving digital literacy of employees" were presented to colleagues and members of the expert and analytical group of the event.

"This is a relevant reflection of what is now happening in education. It was important to look at the proposed cases through scientific problems. To understand what this development is for, what role teachers play in it: it is important for a graduate student what scientific problem he solves," commented Mikhail Alexandrovich Chervonniy, director of the Center of additional physical, mathematical and natural-science education of the TSPU.

Along with the emerging risks in the use of digital resources (difficult assessment of the quality of content, lack of a uniform interface, additional time consumption for mastering the necessary tools, etc.), participants highlighted such opportunities as the clear structuring of large volumes of data, the use of modern algorithms for data analysis, allowing to form the most effective solutions for different levels of problems, flexible transition to personalized education and others.

"This kind of seminar should become traditional: we need to raise the "standards" with the most unexpected combinations of topics that may arise, - says Natalia Vasilyevna Bryukhantseva, chairman of the Tomsk regional branch of the public organization "Pedagogical Society of Russia". - With digitalization the speed and volume of incoming information is increasing. In 10 years there will be another generation, we cannot ignore it. This scientific school allowed us all to form our own position on the current topic and unlock our potential."

According to experts, the seminar-research became the starting point for the creation of the first postgraduate school of TSPU, which will present the results of pedagogical research in the field of digitalization in education at the next International scientific and educational forum "Pedagogy of the XXI century: challenges and solutions" TSPU, which will be traditionally held in April next year.