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Every year at the height of the summer season the team of the Tomsk State Pedagogical University organizes a platform for young, ambitious and active people who meet at the "Mayovka" rally of working youth of Tomsk. Students and staff of the Tomsk State Pedagogical University traditionally hold this event for specialists of different organizations of the city. In 2021 the event was dedicated to the Year of Science and Technology in Russia.

The originator of Mayovka is Dmitry Borisovich Nasonov, vice-rector for youth policy and educational work of the Tomsk State Pedagogical University, who has been heading the festival of creativity, sports, and talent for all 13 years. The purpose of the rally is to establish and strengthen professional, cultural, and creative ties between working youth of the city.

"'Mayovka' is the format that allows you to create a community of working youth, to pull them out of enterprises, from behind computers, which in sometimes difficult in the everyday life", - says the head of the Department of Youth Policy of the Tomsk City Administration Alexander Vladimirovich Lisitsyn.

The theme of "Mayovka-2021" was dedicated to the Russian's Year of Science and Technology, that is why the new season was called "The territory of the big bang":

"We always try to keep up with the times and listen to our participants, so some stages were excluded, and each team competition was evaluated separately. This year there were also new nominations and, accordingly, new cups - for cheerleading, hospitality, and media", — says organizer Irina Titova, who graduated from the TSPU in 2021.

Eleven teams took part in the rally: Home Credit Bank, Tomskneftekhim, Siberian Chemical Company, Central Bank, ELKE AUTO, Russian Post, Sber, Mikran, Research Institute of Semiconductor Devices, Tomsk Beer and Transneft - Western Siberia. Each of them was accompanied for two days by a mentor from among the TSPU students.

"The task of the mentor was to orient their team in the program of events and even in everyday things. For example, where to get firewood and clean water. In addition, the mentors actively participated in the games and trials", — notes Karina Pendiak, a student of the Faculty of History and Philology.

However, the students of the TSPU had a much wider range of responsibilities: the guys were also engaged in writing the script and conducting events. While employees of Tomsk organizations competed in creativity, sports, and talents, students of the TSPU were busy training themselves: in addition to developing and conducting a large-scale mixer for acquaintance and team-building, large thematic role-playing games, which will add new formats to the methodological "piggy bank" of future teachers, students actively interacted with participating teams, developing communication skills and stress resistance, learning to overcome difficult situations and quickly solve problems.

"Mayovka" was held for two days filled with competitive tests. The first day assessed the teams' preparation in terms of creativity: "Gostevanie", where participants prepared a camp and their team mascots; "Business card" - presentation of their organization; "Science.Lab", which offered scientific problems from the mad professor.

The second day was devoted to sports tests: teams competed in strength, agility, and attentiveness. Participants overcame a hiking trail, where they needed not only physical skills, but also logic and wit: the teams were looking for pieces of a special cipher at each stage. After cheerleading, where the jury assessed not only the coherence of movements, synchronicity and dynamics of the performances, but also the unity of the teams. Tug-of-war and lifting weights summed up the second day.

By the results, the winners in different nominations were decided. The Home Credit Bank team won the Friendship Cup, the main prize of any competition. Guys from NIIPP were the most sporty and took the Sports Cup and the Cheerleading Cup, the Creativity Cup went to Siberian Chemical Company, in the competition "Go-Go" the first place went to Transneft - Western Siberia, the most cohesive team was Tomsk beer, and the best video was prepared by employees of ELKE AUTO. According to the results Transneft - Western Siberia became the first, and the Hamburg account prize was awarded to Mikran.

"Mayovka" was established 13 years ago and still unites the ambitious, bright, and active young people of Tomsk. In the future the project is going to reach a wider scale: there are more and more organizations in Tomsk that want to get to the rally.