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Two student teams of the TSPU presented projects in the finals of the II All-Russian competition for young entrepreneurs.

The final of the competition was organized in the format of a five-day technology marathon. 85 teams from 59 educational institutions of higher education took part in it. Our students joined online and, together with other contestants, participated in the business games and masterclasses, solved tests and business cases, got acquainted with the basics of intellectual property protection and learned how to present projects to investors.

The final stage of the competition was the defense of projects in front of the members of the expert jury. The best project in the "Safenet" direction was "Automation of document flow in organizations of additional education for children" by the team of the TSPU under the guidance of the student of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics Andrey Korobko:

"The main task of the system is to bring an enterprise to the level of an educational organization in order to get appropriate tax benefits, the main of which is simplified VAT, tax rate and property tax".

The third place in the "Project Defense" nomination was won by the team of the 4th year student of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics Alexander Malyshev. Guys presented the development that has already been launched at the university to automate the process of signing work programs (RP):

The university had a rather troublesome system: print the program, sign, scan, manually publish each file... I proposed the idea of ​​complete automation of the process".

As a result of joint activities, it became possible to launch work programs into operation by signing only one sheet. After automatic processing, the documents instantly become available in the electronic environment of the TSPU. According to the developers, ten thousand programs can be processed in just five minutes, and only an integral part of the manual work remains - deans have to manually sign the documents.

Recognition at the competition inspires to work further, — says Alexander. — In addition, a money certificate was assigned for the victory for the further implementation of the project. My plans are to develop it into a full-fledged document management system, which is much more complicated and will require much more personal investment".

The high marks of the expert council prove not only the high-quality of the projects but also the relevance of the topics chosen. The curator of the team, head of the Department for the Development of Information Systems and Electronic Document Management of the TSPU, Timur Talgatovich Gazizov is also sure of this:

A difficult competition, federal status, a large number of participants — all this makes participation interesting for students on the one hand and demanding in terms of the quality of projects on the other. I am very glad that out of all the participants, two TSPU projects won prizes. 85 projects from all over Russia made it to the final, only 7 from Tomsk, two of which are from our university. And the same two projects received the maximum assessment of the jury. I am glad that both projects are 'live' and tied to real activities. While Andrei Korobko solves the broad problem of document flow in organizing additional education, Alexander Malyshev helps universities with an important element of any accreditation — by automating the process of signing title pages of work programs. I'm sure it's a great experience for the guys".

Undoubtedly, students gain the necessary experience in presenting projects, protecting them, and analyzing the assessment from the professional community and the customer. Winning the competition gives young people, at least, an understanding that they are moving in the right direction and offer really high-quality developments.