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The traditional August forum "August.PRO: a matrix of pedagogical changes" is held in Tomsk. Participants include teachers and university professors, school principals, representatives of regional education authorities and the leadership of the Russian Ministry of Education. The TSPU also joined the discussion of the forum's issues, and the key speakers from the Pedagogical Center were the rector Makarenko and Vice-Rector for Development Smyshlyaeva. The changes in the field of education, new challenges of the upcoming academic year — are main topics of the forum. Among the themes proposed for discussion are "Modern school", "Teacher of the future", "Digital educational environment", "Support for families with children", "Success of every child", "Young professionals".

The experience of Tomsk State Pedagogical University - one of the leading pedagogical universities in Russia, whose graduates for 118 years have been working in schools, kindergartens, institutions of secondary vocational and additional education in our country and abroad - is demanded by scientists and practitioners in the field of education and will be handed over to colleagues in the framework of the "August.PRO".

Due to the restrictions imposed in Tomsk, the forum was moved to the digital platform of the Moscow International Educational Salon. However, as the Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Sergey Kravtsov noted in his address to the participants of the forum, this form of work of teachers only strengthened everyone's confidence in the importance of school and teacher's work: “We began to look at many questions differently. This is confirmed by the data on admission to pedagogical universities — the demand in pedagogical profession is rising".