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TSPU weighlifters at the All-Russian competitions

The strongest athletes from among the students of the country competed each other in kettlebell lifting: The All-Russian competitions were held on the basis of the Siberian State University of Physical Culture and Sports (Omsk). The team of the Faculty of phydical culture and sports of the TSPU showed a high level of professionalism: our students took the third place, as well as excel in personal standings.

More than 120 athletes from ten regions of the country came for medals in Omsk, including Tomsk, Chelyabinsk, Kurgan, Omsk regions, and the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug. The first day of the competition opened the opportunity for the participants to compete in a long cycle, as well as pass relay races. On the second day, athletes fought for victory in biathlon (men) and snatch (women).

According to the test results, the TSPU team became the third in the overall standings. In their weight categories, our students took the winning and prize places: Ilya Tsybaev (first place in biathlon and second in the long cycle), Olga Morozova (second place in the long cycle), Dmitry Denisenko (second place in the long cycle), Rakhmon Kadimov (third place in biathlon). The team’s coach was Vladimir Sergeevich Polyansky, associate professor of the TSPU, an international class master of sports in weight lifting.

The competition was organized by the Russian Student Sports Union with the support of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation and the All-Russian Federation of Weight Lifting.