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«TEAM TSPU» ON ALL-RUSSIAN «DIGITAL breakthrouh» hackathon

The team of Tomsk State Pedagogical University - Vyacheslav Likhachev, Maxim Leyman, Alexander Malyshev - became the winner of the regional stage of the «Digital Breakthrough» hackathon 2019 for IT professionals, designers and managers in the digital economy.

According to the results of the regional stage, our participants were included in the list of winners of the «UMNIK» program, aimed at supporting commercially oriented scientific and technical projects of young researchers.

To participate in the hackathon finals, participants from TSPU arrived in Kazan. “The Guinness record was set at this hackathon: more than 3,000 participants, - says the captain of TSPU team Vyacheslav Likhachev. – In total there were 20 categories. We presented the project in the nomination 'Monitoring the employment of graduates', which collected 24 national teams and became one of the largest categories. On behalf of our team, I express my gratitude to everyone who helped us, starting with the preliminarily testing. In particular, many thanks to Timur Talgatovich Gazizov for the assistance provided, as well as to the entire team of TSPU’s IT-department".