Tomsk State Pedagogical University


By tradition, the first big citywide fall event in Tomsk is Tomsk Day. Mayor of the city Ivan Grigoryevich Klein started the holiday from Voskresenskaya Mountain with a symbolic cannon shot: “Five years ago we came up with this holiday to show that the main asset of our city is you, its residents. Today we will see the university parade again and tell freshmen, what it means to be a Tomsk citizen. We will set new tasty records at the food festival, enjoy the festival of flowers, hear the performances of your favorite musicians, enjoy the colorful fireworks and once again declare our love to our old, but always young city".

The rector of TSPU A.N. Makarenko and representatives of other educational institutions of the city, honorary Tomsk citizens became the participants on the opening ceremony.


Students from Tomsk State Pedagogical University and five other universities showed their youth spirit at the beginning of the holiday: activists marched from Lenin Square to Novobosornaya Square, presenting creative numbers along the way. After having met at the main stage of Tomsk, the students launched a dance flash mob and initiated freshmen into Tomsk citizens.


For two days, entertaining venues, workshops and festivals took place in the center of Toms. Russian artists and Tomsk cover groups presented their music numbers. The spectacular fireworks impressed the visitors: more than 30 thousand citizens saw a salute of six thousand volleys.