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«The Children of the one Sun» event at TSPU

Volunteers of the «Point of View» student squad of the Tomsk State Pedagogical University have opened a new season of the social project «Children of the one Sun» - a cultural and educational program for children with disabilities, which has been implemented on the basis of the university since 2015. Activists of the TSPU arranged workshop-meeting with young participants and their parents in the Youth Center of the university.

The guys went through a series of workshops from our students and learned how to make an anti-stress ball, solved puzzles, drew using their hands instead of brushes, made various figures from clay and created greeting cards. The parents didn’t stay aside: while the children were busy with the worhshops, the adults were able to rest and participated in art therapy. The educational program also included vivid scientific experiments that each guest could repeat at home: simple and safe “tricks” with easy to get materials (sunflower oil, water, and others). In the time free from the master classes, the participants were able to dance in the company of TSPU volunteers and just chat with old and new friends. The meeting ended with traditional tea drinking, exchange of impressions and discussion of future plans.