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«Kulikovo autumn» historic festival at TSPU

Activists of the Center for patriotic education have organized the first festival of historic reenactment «Kulikovo autumn» to awake patriotic feelings of students. Eight teams from TSPU, SibGMU and Tomsk Highway Technical School gathered on the TSPU stadium to become participants in a series of combat and sport events. Students experienced themselves in throwing knives and spears, shooting the medieval bow, fought with a use of training swords and shields, played the Russian ball game "Kila".

In addition, everyone was able to visit the historical site, which included interactive photo zones, workshops on traditional Russian crafts and Russian folk dances.

Bad weather did not stop the participants: heavy rainfall interrupted the competition several times, but it was not an obstacle to the victory! The team of the faculty of physical culture and sports of our university became the winner of the first festival «Kulikovo autumn». Certificates of participants, invaluable experience and photos were became the prize of all the participating teams.