Tomsk State Pedagogical University

Defence of creative worcks by students of the Faculty of arts and culture

Students-artists of the Faculty of arts and culture, the future teachers of arts have defended their creative works. "In the spring of this year, the new methodological recommendations of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Russian Federation were published. According to them it is necessary to carry on students' certification by involving professional collegium, - says the dean of the Faculty, Kayumova - For us it was not a surprise:  the exams are always conducted this way, when commission evaluates the work of students".


The exam was held in the presence of all teachers-artists of the faculty, which are already familiar to the students. However, there were some new elements: the teachers  did not only evaluate the visual skills of students, looking at the finished pictures, but also placed emphasis on the very process of defending, took into account the ability of their students to defend their work and their ability to tell about the technology, the process of creation.

"Students pass the exam according to the procedure specially developed by the teachers of the department, thereby students learnt the skills of speech culture and practiced the use of professional speech, terminology," noted the teachers of the Faculty.