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TSPU volunteers at "The Night with a Book" event

"The Night with a Book" interactive project was held in Tomsk with the participation of the volunteers from  the "Point of view" team of the Tomsk State Pedagogical University.

Representatives of youth organizations, creative groups, participants of the volunteer movement met in the main square of the city and organized workshops, gaming, entertainment and educational grounds, a big concert.

TSPU, activists of the volunteer detachment "Point of View" told the guests about their activities and shared their experience in organizing and carrying socially significant events in Tomsk and the Tomsk region. The important cultural and educational project "Children of one sun", held in TSPU for children with disabilities, was not disregarded. Citizens were interested in the activities of our team and received informational leaflets about the mission of the "Point of View" and ways to implement it. Young Tomsk citizens received sweet presents from volunteers.