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The project of the Tomsk State Pedagogical University "SIBEGE" was presented at the Moscow International Education FAIR(MIEF 2018). The director of the Institute of Applied Informatics of the TSPU, T.T. Gazizov took part in the event on behalf of the TSPU and presented his report within the framework of "Mixed training, digital education, LMS. Who will teach 1 billion students?" pannel. In his report" SIBEGE. New Practice for Future Teachers" Timur Talgatovich discussed the possibilities of his project in terms of preparing students for the passing of a unified state examination, shared his experience in this direction, and after the presentation answered questions from the audience.

About the project:

The program "SIBEGE", developed by Tomsk Pedagogical specialists, enables students to get free online preparation for the Unified state examination in mathematics, physics and English. Classes are conducted by students from different faculties of the university, as well as by teachers of the Center for Additional Physical, Mathematical and Natural Science Education of TSPU.

"Sibege" is a fundamentally new approach to the preparation of the future teacher: students (future teachers) how try to conduct their first classes afterwards can see the videotape  of their lesson and evaluate their work. An important thing along with the students the training is carried out by highly qualifed teachers.