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Only those TSPU students who are non-native Russian speakers and have been studing Russian language at least for 3 years can become the participants of the competition. Both team or solo numbers are allowed.

Attention! All contestants should present two creative numbers:
1) in Russian;
2) in their native language (or a number reflecting their folk culture).
Duration of each number: no longer than 4 minutes.

Nominations of "LINGVOFESTIVAL":

  • Song (in Russian, or in native language)
  • The poem (in Russian, or in native language)
  • Stage number (in Russian)

The program and events of the Festival-contest include:

1 round (qualifying): November 24, 2017, all participants are selected for the final round, which determines the winners and numbers of the Gala concert.
2 round (Gala concert): December 8, 2017.
Venue: Scientific library of TSPU!

APPLICATIONS are accepted until November 17, 2017 by e-mail you should mention "Lingvofestival" in the subj line of the letter or in the dean's office of the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​(Komsomolsky prospect, 75, room 424).

Download the application