Tomsk State Pedagogical University

115 anniversary of TSPU

On the 8th of September 2017 Tomsk State Pedagogical University – the oldest pedagogical University of Siberia and the leader of pedagogical education in Russia – had marked its 115 anniversary.

Historical background

Tomsk state pedagogical university was designed as Teacher institute on the first of July 1902 by highest order of emperor Nikolay II and it was opened in September in the same year. The first beyond the Urals and the tenth on the territory of Russian Empire the Teacher institute was a real pride of West Siberian educational district. The famous Russian writer A. M. Volkov who graduate from the institute in 1910 recalled that Tomsk teacher institute was a «true oasis as compared to the dullness and conservatism» that were common in the educational institutions over that period.

At the beginning the institute was intended only for men but as the result of the reform conducted by the Russian Provisional Government in the June 1917 13 women were included in the list of the institute’s students. The Institute acquired a new status, the three new branches were formed in its structure: the historical-philological, physical-mathematical and natural-geographical.

In the prewar years, the institute had a solid highly qualified teaching staff, consisted of more than 30 professors, which had a great influence on strengthening the scientific potential of the university.

During the Great Patriotic War hundreds of employees and students were called up for military service or went to the front as volunteers. Almost a hundred of them died a hero's death on the battlefields. Graduate of the Institute Kalashnikov A.P. was posthumously awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

During the restoration of the national economy, the Tomsk State Pedagogical Institute also had been developing: the number of faculties and specialties was expanded, new educational buildings and hostels, a suburban sports base, and a reading room were built.

By the 1940s the formation of a well-known scientific linguistic school had begun in the university, and in the 1970s - the international scientific school of theoretical physicists had been organized. Active research activities of the Institute's staff, foreign contacts with scientific institutions and universities of the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, France, Hungary, Poland, Japan, etc. had widen the international and Russian authority of the Tomsk State Pedagogical Institute.

June 26, 1995 the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, considered the scientific potential of the educational institution and the high quality of specialist training, has given the Tomsk Pedagogical Institution a status of the university.

At the present time, the TSPU carries out multilevel vocational training in 14 specialties and directions. The structure of the university includes 11 faculties, 2 scientific research institutes, a scientific library, and a publishing house. The University has ten educational buildings, including a sports and fitness center, a swimming pool, a stadium, a countryside practice base, an agricultural and biological station , several modern student hostels.

Tomsk State Pedagogical University in oriented on needs of the education system of the region. Several successful projects are being implemented: "City summer" and "Leader's school" projects give students an opportunity to work with children during vacation time; business incubator of social orientation; several projects of career guidance work. In the university structure there are the Center for Additional Physical and Mathematical Education and the Children's Center for Educational Robotics, oriented to work with talented children.

The university conducts research in 25 main scientific areas. Three journals of the TSPU - "Bulletin of the Tomsk State Pedagogical University"; "Tomsk Journal of Linguistic and Anthropological Research"; "Scientific and educational review" - the first among the Tomsk scientific publications were included in the list of scientific journals compiled by the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles.

According to the effectiveness of scientific activity, Tomsk State Pedagogical University is the leader among the pedagogical universities of the Russian Federation, in particular, regarding the citing of scientific publications in the international databases Scopus and Web of Science.

According to the rating agencies of Interfax, Expert-RA, the ARES, TSPU is included in the list of top hundred best universities in Russia. According to the national rating of universities, which was conducted by the Interfax agency, it ranks first among pedagogical universities and the fiftieth place among the all universities in Russia.

According to the Webometrics rating, TSPU ranks 24th among all Russian universities and the first among pedagogical universities in Russia.

The number of student academic exchanges in the format of the Bologna Process with the Wroclaw University (Poland), the University of Palacky in Olomouc (Czech Republic), the University of Bristol (Great Britain), the University of Ochanomizu and Hiroshima University (Japan), Mudanjiang and Hubei Universities (China) .

During its history that now lasts more than a century Tomsk Pedagogical has trained about 60,000 specialists in science, education and culture. We are proud of our graduates, among them famous "storyteller of the XX century" A. Volkov, folk teacher B. Vershinin, vice president of the Russian Academy of Education I. Zverev, director of the first television center in Siberia G. Yeltsov; writers V. Lipatov, Yu. Strekhnin, A. Dremov; artists L. Guzarov and V. Panteleyev; actress N. Veselovskaya; Olympic champion N. Baranova and others.

Dear Professor V. V. Obukhov,

Congratulations on the 115th anniversary of TSPU!

It is almost impossible to imagine this length of time in real life,
especially considering invaluable contributions to academia as well as
to the society TSPU has been continuously and steadily making.
I truly appreciate and respect all the efforts you have made to maintain
the high reputation of TSPU. Of course I am confident that you will make
TSPU yet more prominent and prestigious for years to come, and I am
thrilled to see your further success in the future!

With very best regards,

Misao Sasaki

Dear Professor Obukhov, Rector at TSPU:

From Professor Sergei Odintsov I have been informed that your
institution has its 115 anniversary this year.

My best congratulations on this occasion! I remember with pleasure your
visit here back in 2003, together with a group of colleagues from TSPU.
And I have continued to have fruitful scientific contact with
researchers from your university, also through the later years.

With best regards,

Iver Brevik

NTNU, Trondheim, Norway

Dear Prof. Obukhov.

please find enclosed in attachment my letter regarding TSPU 115th

With my best regards

Sergio Zerbini

Associate Professor in Theoretical Physics
Trento University

Trento, Italy

Dear Professor V. V. Obukhov,

I congratulate you as the Rector of Tomsk State Pedagogical University
on the occasion of the 115 anniversary of the University.
Please see the enclosed letter.

With best regards

Prof. Emilio Elizalde
Senior Research Profesor and P.I.
National Higher Research Council of Spain

Dear Professor V. V. Obukhov,
the Rector of Tomsk State Pedagogical University,

Congratulations for 115 years anniversary celebration of Tomsk State
Pedagogical University!
I am really proud that I am an honorary professor of the excellent
University. I remember your very kind hospitality when I visited TSPU in
August 2014 for the ceremony.
I of course know that TSPU is a top pedagogical University in Russia but
I believe that TSPU is also a top university in research.
I would like to keep the collaboration between TSPU and Nagoya
University, which will also keep and proceed the friendly relations
between Russia and Japan.

Best regards,

Shin'ichi Nojiri
Director of Center for Theoretical Studies,
Kobayashi-Maskawa Institute for the Origin of Particles and the
Nagoya University, Nagoya 464-8602, JAPAN