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Postgraduates students from China

Postgraduate group of Chinese students have received their diplomas on 7th of July after the two years of studying Russian as a foreign language on the History and philology faculty of TSPU. It was the first graduation of Chinese students in TSPU history. Foreign postgraduate students have demonstrated spectacular results: according to the results of governmental certification 11 from 13 students have got excellent marks for defending their master’s degrees.

Postgraduate students from China have charmed teaching staff their diligence, responsible attitude to study and personal interest in the results.  «They are kind and sympathetic students that love Russian language, Russian culture and Russian people. During the period of study at the Master's program, foreign master students have increased the level of proficiency in Russian, each student more than once had participated in various conferences and had its articles published in Russian most approved scientific journals» - TSPU specialists say.

Students told us the time they spent in Tomsk and Tomsk State Pedagogical University was one of the most bright, significant events in their lifes. Memories of the studying the Master’s course at TSPU will forever remain in their hearts.