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Cosmonautics Day at TSPU was celebrated with “space lesson”

“Space lesson” took place on the 12 of April at the Tomsk State Pedagogical University and this time the event was dedicated to one of the most important events in the history of Russia – Cosmonautics Day. It was the day when humanity overcame new limits and made a great discovery by sending man in open space for the first time.

At the "Space lesson" schoolchildren together with their teachers-curators have discussed issues that subsequently will be addressed to cosmonauts who are working at ISS. For example how long person gets used to the conditions of weightlessness, what cosmonauts do on the ISS (their work and leisure), what studies are conducted in space and whether they change their outlook on life, laws Physics. The students are planning to learn about what is on the reverse side of the moon and why cosmonauts stopped flying on it. One of the most popular question was about creative life of astronauts. Does inspiration visit them and whether they engaged in some kind of creativity? For example, as Sergei Ryzhikov, is found if photography and he captures beautiful places of our planet. The problem of space ecology was also of a huge interest: is there a space tourism and how this affects the purity of outer space.

The next "Space lesson", which will connect students of schools with cosmonauts of  International Space Station, will be held in May and questions prepared by schoolchildren will find their answers!