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Members of TSPU admission committee has met with the colleagues at the RIA Tomsk conference

Annual conference devoted to the results of admission campaign held in Tomsk universities took place on August 5th at RIA Tomsk agency. TSPU side was presented by Andrey Yurievich Mikhailichenko director of admission department and social work of TSPU. Although there is a one more admission wave awaiting the applicants, the majority of them (80% of applicants) have successfully enrolled in Tomsk universities. In view of that, it was possible to sum up the results of this year’s admission campaign, which were discussed during the conference.

Mikhailichenko: "According to the number of applications the statistic of the Tomsk Pedagogical remains at a high level as usual. “History” and “Social Studies" course of pedagogical education (almost 11 people for a seat) are the most popular this year; the second place is taking Special (defectological) education: "Speech Therapy" (more than 7 people for a seat) course; and finally "Physical training" course (more than 6 people for a seat). The number of students that submitted their original documents has sufficiently raised this year: last year it was around 30-35% of total applications, but today tis number estimates to 50%. It is happening because we are keep on working with educational institutions of Tomsk region and keeping eye at needs in certain specialist in certain schools. Naturally enough this year we have a large number of employer-sponsored applications, that allowed us to provide 50% enrollment to all the full-time and extramural courses. All the applicants applying for employer-sponsored positions have been already enrolled. Admission for employer-sponsored extramural courses has also finished. There were two applicants for every seat, all in all 158 students have entered the university. Average grade of applicants is significantly higher than that of last year applicants. Applicants applying for extramural employer-sponsored positions as well as for magistracy will be registered as students. Number of employer-sponsored applications (full-time education, bachelor degree courses) estimated 44% of total applications. Numbers regarding extramural courses and magistracy are likely to be little higher. As for background of applicants, mainly they came from Tomsk region and other regions (15 regions in all, the leader is Kemerovskaya Oblast'). We have applicants from Kazakhstan and other republics of Central Asia. Of course there are some applicants from far abroad: Indonesia, China, Mongolia, Vietnam. These applicants have entered under quota limit (international agreement) as well as on a universal basis. Speaking about this year’s features: a student from Feodosiya will be studying at TSPU. Deaflympics champion of 2015, goalkeeper of Russian team has also entered the university. He will be attending extramural courses since he is still an active sportsman”.

In addition to summarizing the results of the first wave of the admission campaign 2016 at TSPU Andrey Yurievich answered questions from journalists who were interested in the situation with the dormitories of the university, as well as preferred courses among the foreign applicants who applied for TSPU.