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TSPU Students are among the five finalists of the All-Russian competition for the best student organization.

The competition took more than 160 educational institutions from 62 subjects of the Russian Federation, filed more than 400 applications in 12 categories, among which 50 finalists were selected. TSPU students are on the 5th place among all the universities.

The finals are going to be in Rostov on Don, February 6-7 as a part of the all-Russian competition «Leaders of the XXI century».


By Hirsh citation index by the January 12 2015 Tomsk State Pedagogical University is currently ranked 5th among all of the universities in Russia and 1st among Tomsk Universities.


World-wide known physicists Shin'ichi Nojiri - Professor, Director of Center for Theoretical Studies, Kobayashi-Maskawa Institute for the Origin of Particles and the Universe, Nagoya University, Japan, and Sergio Zerbini - Professor of the Department of Physics, University of Trento, Italy, were awarded the title of "Honorary Professor of Tomsk State Pedagogical University" by the decision of the Academic Council of Tomsk State Pedagogical University. Rector Valery Obukhov awarded honorary professors TSPU silver medals for services in education, as well as for collaboration with scientists of Pedagogical University.


Professor of TSPU Sergey Odintsov, ICREA researcher at the Institute of Space Science (IEEC / CSIC), was awarded the Medal of the Italian Society of Amaldi, General Relativity and Gravitation (SIGRAV). This prestigious award is presented every two years to the European scientists for their significant and outstanding contribution to the field of gravity physics.

Recognized scholar Odintsov is the first scientist from Siberia, who was awarded this prestigious medal. The researcher received recognition for his work on the relationship between the expansion of the universe, dark energy and modified gravity. The medal will be presented during the congress SIGRAV, which will be held on 15th – 19th  September in Alessandria (Italy).


Tomsk State Pedagogical University hosted an interethnic youth forum of Siberia and the Far East “Together We are Strong”. Participants came from different cities of Russia: Ussuriisk, Khabarovsk, Rostov, Orenburg, Tyumen, Omsk, Yekaterinburg, Moscow, Almalyk, Voronezh, Novosibirsk and others.

During those two busy with various activities, participants discussed issues of concern at the round tables, panel discussions, got acquainted with the city, planted trees on the “Alley of Friendship” in the camp garden. The final event of the forum was a gala concert featuring vocal and dance numbers of representatives of national communities of Tomsk.


According to the Russian Science Citation Index of June 6th , 2014:

  1. TSPU holds 8th position (Hirsch Citation Index) among Russian universities, and 1st position among Tomsk universities. (screenshot)
  2. TSPU shares 7-8th postions in g-Science Citation Index among Russian universities, and 1st position among Tomsk universities. (screenshot)



On May 14th, 2014 a delegation of Russian language teachers from Indonesia, Mongolia, Vietnam and India visited TSPU on a professional development programme “Teaching Russian as a foreign language”.

The guests learnt different programmes: presentation of Tomsk State Pedagogical University, programmes and projects aimed at the development of educational cooperation and promotion of our university in the Asia-Pacific region. The teachers visited the exhibition of pedagogical innovation education and the Museum “Magic World” named after A.M. Volkov.


Dear colleagues and friends! Please accept my sincere congratulations on the Victory Day! No matter how many years have passed since May 1945, we never forget heroism, courage and bravery of the generation who defended our fatherland. I wish our dear veterans, the entire staff of Tomsk State Pedagogical University, good health, happiness, well-being, confidence in the future and peace! TSPU

Rector V.V. Obukhov


Russian Science Citation Index has updated indicators of universities. Data of April 17, 2014: Hirsch Index of TSPU reached 61st position.
(11-12th position is shared with the First Moscow Medical University). g- TSPU citation index reached 106 position ( 9-10th position is shared with Novosibirsk State University). The total amount of TSPU citations increased to 17,359 (29th place among all universities)


10-12 April 2014 Tomsk State Pedagogical University participated in the 15th Kazakhstan International Exhibition “Education and Career” (Almaty, Kazakhstan). 

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