Tomsk State Pedagogical University

TSPU invites to the annual international conference "Science and Education"

On 17-21 April 2017 the XXI International Conference of students, graduate students and young scientists "Science and Education" will be held at the Tomsk State Pedagogical University

Workshops will be organized in the following areas:

  1. "Natural Science" (Biology and Department of Chemistry);
  2. "Experimental and Clinical Medicine" (Department of medical and biological sciences);
  3. "Physics and Mathematics" (Physics and Mathematics);
  4. "Computer science and information technologies" (Institute for Applied Computer Science);
  5. "Actual problems of linguistics and foreign language teaching methodology" (Faculty of Foreign Languages);
  6. "Philology" (History and Philology);
  7. "Actual problems of Russian language and literature" (Department of Russian language and culture of speech);
  8. "Physical Culture and Sports" (Faculty of Physical Education and Sport);
  9. "Actual problems of pedagogy and psychology" (Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology);
  10. "Philosophy" (Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences);
  11. "Social Science" (Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences);
  12. "History and Culture" (Department of Russian history and culture);
  13. "Culture and Art" (Faculty of Culture and Arts);
  14. "History" (History and Philology);
  15. "Religious teaching methods and disciplines of spiritual and moral orientation" (History and Philology);
  16. "Marketing. Advertising and PR "(Faculty of Economics and Management);
  17. "Economics and Law" (Faculty of Economics and Management);
  18. "Management. Logistics "(Faculty of Economics and Management);
  19. "Geography. Socio-cultural service and tourism "(Faculty of Economics and Management);
  20. "Professional education in the field of design, health and safety, transportation, and service" (Faculty of Technology and Entrepreneurship);
  21. "Visual and modern scientific research" (Institute of Education theory);
  22. "Science and education in politics and ethnic cultural environment" (International Euro-Asian adaptation and Education Center);
  23. "Students projects" (students section; Young Scientists Council). "

The best articles are expected to be published in the end of the conference

Those wishing to participate should submit documents to the Organizing Committee until  March 13, 2017 (including) . One can find detailed information and forms required in the application.