Tomsk State Pedagogical University

TSPU Student Trade Union

TSPU Student Trade Union is a public organization that protects the rights of students and provides social support to students.

The Trade Union representing the interests of students, maintains and develops the tradition of student social life, helps students in solving educational, social and other issues, assists the university administration in educational and scientific objectives and in the organization of education and training, as well as leisure and everyday life of students.

The main objectives:

  • collective representation of students in interaction with the administration of the university, its representatives, public authorities, local government, public and other organizations;
  • implementation of goals and tasks of trade union to represent and protect individual and collective rights and interests of students;
  • joint coordination of TSPU student organisation to increase the level of training and the quality of education, support initiatives and development of creative potential;
  • formation of students’ citizenship and ability to work and live in the modern society.

Main activities:

  • monitoring and participation in distribution of budget funds, directly affecting the interests of university students;
  • protection of social and economic rights and interests of trade union members of the students;
  • organization of leisure of students (discos, competitions, cultural and sports activities, discounted trips to resorts and camps, excursions etc.);


Pronkin Mikhail Yurievich - Head of TSPU Trade Union
Opening hours: 10:00 - 18:00
634041, Tomsk, pr. Komsomolsky, 75, office 13
Tel. (382-2) 550-619