Tomsk State Pedagogical University

Trade Union of Employees

The trade union organization of employees is public organization, acting within the Charter of the Trade Union of Public Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

Its main objectives are representation and protection of individual and collective social, labour, professional rights and interests of union members.

The main activities

  • development of the collective agreement and monitoring its implementation;
  • study of working conditions and monitor the implementation of the agreement on the implementation of measures for protection of labour, control over the observance of labour legislation;
  • organization of cultural, educational, sports events for employees;
  • organizing activities for health of employees and summer camps for children.

The structure of the trade union committee includes social work commission, labour commission, commission for cultural work and mass-organisational commission.

The Commission on Social Work

The main activities of the commission:
  • organizing events for staff working with children (Christmas gifts, children's recreation, etc.);
  • organization of medical examinations in cooperation with medical institutions;
  • organization of aid to labour veterans, pensioners of TSPU, preparation of events and activities for the older, generation;
  • organization of leisure for the university staff.

Labour Commission

The main activities of the commission:
  • preparation of a draft of the collective agreement, control over the implementation of the collective agreement, preparation of amendments to the collective agreement;
  • control over compliance with the rules and regulations on labour protection and safety complaints of employees on health and safety;
  • consult on legal issues, controlling labour records.

Commission on Cultural Work

The main activities of the Commission:
  • organizing and conducting of sport events;
  • organization and conducting of cultural and educational events (Victory Day , Teacher’s Day , etc.).

Mass-Organisational Commission

The main activities of the Commission:
  • subscriptions to publications and Russian editions of regional trade union organization of education and science;
  • attraction of new members to the union ;
  • preparation for demonstrations, rallies, pickets, organized by the parent body of trade unions.

Our contacts:

Address: 634041, Tomsk, pr. Komsomolsky, 75, office243
Phone: (382-2) 550-619, internal: 180, 291