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Scientific Achievements

TomskState Pedagogical University is one of the leaders of higher education of the Russian Federation. University is a leader in independent rankings:

  • According to the rating of Russian universities for scientific achievement (, prepared in 2009 by  the agency ReitOR, Tomsk State Pedagogical University is ranked 12th among all universities in Russia (including all research and federal universities), and 1st among pedagogical universities in the country according to the Hirsch index , which characterizes the relevance, importance and citations of scientific results.
  • Rating of scientific publication activity of Russian universities for 2010, prepared by NRU "Higher School of Economics " (NRU HSE, Moscow ) at the request of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation ( showed that the Tomsk State pedagogical University ranks 13th among all universities in Russia (including all research and federal universities), and 1st among pedagogical universities of Russia.
  • As per the ranking of the world research organizations according to the citation of publications from the Corporation Microsoft ( TSPU in physics ranks 5th among all universities in Russia for citation, second only to MSU, MIPT, MEPhI, SpbSU and outrunning other universities of the Russian Federation. According to this rating, Tomsk State Pedagogical University is in the top 20 % of research organizations in the world of physics.
  • In the National rating of colleges of the Russian Federation for 2010, prepared by the international group "Interfax" and "Radio Moscow » ( in the category of "pedagogical, humanitarian and linguistic universities" Russia Tomsk State Pedagogical University ranked 2nd place  with 99 points, second only to the RSPU named by A. I. Hertzen University Herzen (100 points). Research in this rating Chair for the 1st place .
  • In 2011, Professor of Tomsk State Pedagogical University, Sergey Odintsov was  included in the top 10 of the most famous Russian scientists according to the publication Forbes ( According to the American scientific information base SPIRES professor Odintsov is one of the most cited scientists in the world (the number of references to his work more than 16 thousand). Sergey works at TSPU of internationally recognized scientific school of theoretical physicists, which has the official status of " Leading Scientific Schools of the Russian Federation." Among the co-authors, S.D. Odintsov, Professor of TSPU: I.L. Buchbinder, P.M. Lavrov, V.V. Obukhov, K.E. Osetrin  I.L. Shapiro, as well as many foreign scholars (from Japan, Spain, Norway, etc.).

The scientific activity of the University covers the current trends in basic and applied science, humanities, psychological and pedagogical sciences.

In TSPU developed several scientific schools, including special place:

  • Scientific school of theoretical physicists, "Quantum field theory. Gravity "
  • Studies of Research School "Wetlands and Biosphere"
  • ScientificSchool of comparative-historical, typological and comparative linguistics studying the Germanic, Indo-European languages, the languages and culture of the indigenous peoples of Siberia and the North.
  • Scientific school of  mathematics teaching "Mathematics. Psychology. Intellect "
  • ScientificSchool"The philosophy of education. Philosophy of science and technology. All-Russian School of Young Scientists (complex  approach to the preparation of the expert and researcher)".