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Postgraduate (PhD) Programs

Tomsk State Pedagogical University offers postgraduate programs on a competitive basis (full-time and distant courses) for persons with higher education (diploma or master’s degree), and having achievements in research.

The department of postgraduate programs and TSPU dissertation councils accepts applications and documents for all programs at the office located: Tomsk, ul. Kievskaya 60, office 306 , tel. (382 2) 44-68-25 . E-mail:

Competitive entrance exams are conducted on the chosen science, philosophy and foreign language to the extent of current programs for higher education. The entrance exam is preceded by other exams on other disciplines. Repeating exams is not allowed. The entrance exams are valid for the calendar year. The results of final Master degree exams in philosophy and foreign language maybe valid as entrance exams to postgraduate school, in case if the individual curriculum Master degree examinations were taken in these subjects.

The admission board makes a decision on each applicant, providing admission on a competitive basis to the best-trained scientific and educational activities. The applicants are enrolled on the basis of the decision of the admission board. The scholarship for postgraduate students enrolled at the expense of the federal budget due shall be paid from the date of enrollment.

The term of study at the postgraduate school is three years (full-time) and four years (distant): (Programs: 01.04.02 Theoretical Physics, 02.00.01 Non-organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry 02.00.04, 03.02.08 Ecology (Chemistry), 03.03.01 Physiology - training period is 4 years and 5 years respectively).

There are two admission terms to the postgraduate school: spring-summer session - from May 5th  to July 5th and the autumn session is from September 15th to November 15th. Applications for candidate examinations are held from 1st to April 20th  for the spring - summer session, and from 1st  to September 15th  for the autumn session. When preparing to take the admission examination the applicant must write a paper on the chosen science. The paper should be submitted no later than one month before the exam.

Admission exams in a foreign language and history and philosophy of science should be taken at the universities and research organizations with the postgraduate programs. Applicants who pursue foreign languages programs​​, pass the exam in the foreign language at universities and research institutions , organizations with postgraduate studies in this program.

Admission to postgraduate studies is conducted on the state-finances and tuition fee basis. The number of places for admission to postgraduate school at the expense of the federal budget is determined by the admission quotas established by the founder. The admission to the program based on the tuition fee basis is unlimited. Other conditions of the program are the same.

Postgraduate students enrolled to the full-time program, enjoy an annual vacation of two months (July - August), and are provided with accommodation in the university dormitory. Accommodation in the dormitory cannot be provided to family members.

The term of study in the postgraduate program is counted as employment. More information can be found at the TSPU website.

Head of postgraduate programs and dissertation councils:  Medyukha Natalia Ivanovna
Address: 634061 , Tomsk, ul. Kievskaya 60, office 306
Phone: ( 3822 ) 44-68-25