Tomsk State Pedagogical University

Institute of Childhood

Dear applicants,

Childhood is precious, it is an important process, a wonderful time of life with its own culture and a unique world.

A teacher is a person who remains in the heart of each of us for life. After all, it is the teacher who lays all the basic qualities of the future personality, character, and attitude to life, the ability to see and enjoy the beauty of the world. Teachers have a special responsibility on their shoulders, so they must be widely educated, creative, resourceful, patient, tactful, and philanthropic.

The best place to master these qualities is our Institute. If you love children, teens and you are interested in working with them, if you care for the younger generation, if you are committed, talented, active, and willing to make a difference, then we are waiting for you!

The Institute of Childhood will allow you to find a job in various fields, such as preschool educational organizations, general educational institutions, private kindergartens, child development centers, methodological centers, special education institutions, institutions of additional education, art schools, creative workshops. 

Drozdetskaya Irina Alexandrovna

Vice director, Institute of Childhood of the TSPU


The Institute of Childhood is a young subdivision of the Tomsk State Pedagogical University, created in 2020 on the basis of the Faculty of Preschool and Primary Education and the Faculty of Arts and Culture. The Institute trains specialists who work with children of preschool, primary school age, teens, and youth.

The main goal of the Institute of Childhood is a comprehensive (transdisciplinary) and deep scientific approach to the study of childhood problems.

Today we:

teach students to work with different children using modern domestic and world developments and technologies;

create conditions for the professional and personal growth of the future teachers and give our students the opportunity to try themselves in different educational spaces;

study phenomena of childhood and factors influencing the effective organization of this age stage;

— interact with other educational organizations, employers, alumni, parents, social partners

Great focus is given to the study of pedagogy (history of pedagogy, general pedagogy, preschool pedagogy, pedagogy of primary education, pedagogy of artistic creativity), psychology, including the psychology of art, the basics of musical, choreographic and artistic art, methods of teaching various subjects in elementary school and implementation of educational areas in the field of preschool education, methods of teaching organization and leadership of a choreographic collective, methods of teaching music in educational institutions of various types, methods of teaching fine arts, methods of teaching the history of cinema.

By mastering various subjects and passing different types of practices (educational, research, technological, pedagogical, and others) students help children with different capabilities, behavioral characteristics, mental and physical health. Our students learn to organize different types of children's activities: play, educational, project, research, creative.

Students of the Institute of Childhood regularly participate in all-Russian and international Competitions in pedagogy and arts.

The educational process at the Institute is organized by four departments:

  • Department of Pedagogy and Methods of Primary Education Department of Preschool Education
  • Department of Music and Art Education
  • Department of World Artistic Culture and Choreography.

Currently, the Institute of Childhood implements 13 educational programs for bachelor's and master's degrees.

In between studies, the students at the Institute have some fun too. Students’ self-government groups implement various projects at the Institute of Childhood: athletes, artists, dancers, musicians, volunteers, and simply those who want to talk about professional and pedagogical topics gather here. Vivid impressions from student life await you!

Training program  Program's code  Degree  Study mode Entrance tests 
 full-time   part-time
Pedagogical education (with two training profiles): Primary education, Preschool education; 44.03.05 Bachelor 5 yrs.
  • Russian language
  • Social studies
  • Mathematics


Pedagogical education: Preschool education, Primary education 44.03.01 Bachelor 5 yrs.
Pedagogical education (with two training profiles): Arts and Additional education (Art, Music, Choreography) 44.03.05
Bachelor 5 yrs.
  • 1st creative entrance test
  • 2nd creative entrance test
  • Russian language
  • Social Studies

Creative tests for the Visual Arts module:

  1. Drawing,
  2. Painting, 
  3. Composition

Creative tests for the Music module:

  1. Solfeggio and music theory,
  2. Playing a musical instrument
  3. Solo singing,
  4. Interview in Music Theoretical Subjects

Creative tests for the Choreography module:

  1. Classical and folk dance,
  2. Modern dance,
  3. Student's own choreographic composition in various forms
  4. Interview
Psychological and pedagogical education: Psychology and pedagogy of preschoolers' development; Psychology and Pedagogy of Primary Education  44.04.02   2 yrs. 2 yrs. 3 mths
  • Interview
Pedagogical Education: Arts 44.04.02   2 yrs. 2 yrs. 3 mths
  • Interview