Tomsk State Pedagogical University

Institute of Applied Computer Science

Institute Director: Timur Gazizov
Address: 634041, Tomsk, pr. Komsomolsky, 75, office 3/10
Telephone: (3822) 550302

Институт прикладной информатики ТГПУThe Institute of Applied Computer Science (IACS) was established by the decision of the Academic Council in 2001 to coordinate the activities of pedagogical university in information and telecommunication technologies. IACS activity is important as oversees all computer and information infrastructure of the university, technical and policy support for its administrative, educational and research institutions. IACS takes an active part in various grants and projects of regional and federal levels. The IACS staff offers educational, research and teaching activities.


The main tasks of the institute:
  • coordination and guidance of research work on the creation, implementation and use of modern IT in training at the university;
  • creation of new software and educational tools, techniques and technologies;
  • coordination and guidance for the creation, implementation and use of modern IT in the educational process of the university;
  • development and support of computer training programs, including electronic textbooks, exercise equipment, laboratory workshops, knowledge testing systems, learning systems based on multimedia technologies;
  • business consultation and equipment for students working on the implementation of research projects as well as for graduate students, job seekers, young scientists, university staff.
The main activities of the institute:
  • development of electronic teaching and methodical manuals using innovative cross-platform technology.
  • development of technical support system of correspondence and distant learning.
  • development of modern workflow systems.
  • development of e-learning materials.
  • study of global optimization methods in the formation of educational routes of students.
  • development of technological platforms for any kind of educational activities in the distant form.
The Institute of Applied Computer Science incorporates the following departments:
  • Laboratory of automation and computerization of management dealing with issues of automation and computerization of various departments and processes at the university.
  • Laboratory of network projects. The laboratory’s activities are directed at the creation of electronic teaching materials and automation of training.
  • Student Research Laboratory of Information Technologies. The main purpose of the laboratory is active involvement of university students in projects implemented at both the laboratory and university.
  • Administration unit. It performs various types of administrative functions associated with the activities of the Institute of Applied Computer Science.
  • Service department. Technical and service support to TSPU infrastructure including computer and telephone networks.