Tomsk State Pedagogical University

Institute of Foreign Languages and International Cooperation

Dear applicants! One of the most crucial and defining moments in your life has come — the choice of your future profession. Your entire further life path will depend on your choice! I invite you to become students of the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​and International Cooperation (IFLIC) of the Tomsk State Pedagogical University. Study at the Institute will allow you to receive a high-quality professional education that meets the challenges of our time. The key task of our institute is the preparation of highly qualified competitive bachelors, specialists, masters, and postgraduate students in the field of teacher education, linguistics, intercultural communication, translation, and translation studies. The diploma of the IFLIC is the key to your successful career, as our graduates are always in demand in the labor market. As a student of IFLIC, you will immerse yourself in the bright and fascinating world of student life! I sincerely wish you the best in the upcoming entrance tests! See you at the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​and International Cooperation!

Best regards, Vice Director IFLIC,

PhD in Philology Bogdanova Anna Gennadievna


STRUCTURE OF Institute of Foreign Languages ​​and International Cooperation:

  • Department of Latin and Germanic Philology and Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages;
  • Department of Translation and Translation Studies;
  • Department of Slavic Philology and Intercultural Communication;
  • Department of Languages of the Peoples of Siberia;
  • Department of Business Communication in Russian and English;
  • Department of International Cooperation.


  • practice-oriented learning;
  • close cooperation with stakeholders;
  • practical training in leading schools of the city (for future teachers) and at enterprises (for future translators);
  • participation in international programs of academic mobility (Germany, France, Poland, China, Czech Republic, Japan, etc.);
  • variable forms of education (lectures, seminars, round tables, workshops, etc.);
  • real employment for graduates;
  • bright extracurricular life.

Academic staff:

  • leading teachers of foreign languages;
  • regular professional development;
  • foreign language internships;
  • training in massive open online courses (MOOC);
  • international certificates confirming the level of proficiency in English /German / French / Chinese;
  • scientific and grant activities;


Where our graduates work:

  • public and private schools/universities;
  • international corporations;
  • translation service centers;
  • media and PR agencies;
  • government bodies;
  • research institutes and centers;
  • the sphere of tourism and hotel business, etc.
Training program  Program's code  Degree  Study mode Entrance tests 
 full-time   part-time mixed
Pedagogical education (with two training profiles), Foreign language (English) and Foreign language (German); Foreign language (English) and Foreign language (French); Foreign language (English) and Russian as a foreign language 44.03.05 Bachelor 5 yrs.
  • Foreign language
  • Russian language
  • Social Studies





Linguistics, Translation and Translation Studies (English - German; English - French; English - Chinese) 45.03.02 Bachelor 4 yrs.
Pedagogical education, Foreign language (English) 44.03.01
Bachelor 5 yrs. 4 yrs. 6 mths
Linguistics, Translation and Translation Studies (English) 44.03.02 Bachelor 5 yrs.
Pedagogical education: Foreign language (English-German; English-French) 44.04.01 Master 2 yrs.
  • Interview
Pedagogical education, Linguoculturology 44.04.01 Master 2 yrs.
  • Interview