Tomsk State Pedagogical University

Faculty of Technology and Entrepreneurship

Dear applicants!

The choice of the future profession is very important for every school leaver. The profession should be demanding and interesting that is why Faculty of Technology and Entrepreneurship of TSPU has always been popular among the applicants. The faculty offers training courses in restaurant service, life safety, transport, clothing design, interior and furniture design as well as in a sphere of management, business-planning, taking into account effectiveness and probable risk of implemented solutions.

Our graduates work in schools, high schools, colleges, specialized companies, security agencies, the Ministry of Emergencies, Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs, etc. We do our best to ensure a good career for graduates in labor market. For us it is important not only to ensure the employment of students in a chosen field but also to encourage their further career development. Thus, we work closely with employers, trying to take into account suggestions for the training of young professionals. Welcome to the faculty!

Dean of the Faculty of Technology and Entrepreneurship Kolesnikova E.V.


The level of education is corresponding to federal state educational standard of higher education which demands simultaneous mastering of the two training courses of main educational programs during the 5-year study term.

Required study of modern technologies, including educational ones, within the disciplines: "Information technologies in education", "Technologies of food processing", "Technologies of mechanical processing of materials", "Technologies of sewing production", etc. allows graduates of the faculty to work not only as school teachers, but also as technologists and managers in the sphere of public catering, sewing and woodworking production. At the same time, the curriculum has a variable (profile) part, that gives students an opportunity not only to choose they activities, but also to expand and (or) deepen knowledge, skills and competences in basic (mandatory) disciplines.

By mastering the "Safety of life" course students get knowledge about different measures that are taken to protect the population and economy of the country from the consequences of accidents, disasters, natural disasters, enemy weapons. In the process of training, students study the disciplines about comfortable and safe human interaction with the technosphere, adopted and current regulated principles and methods of protecting the population, methods for reducing the risk of an emergency caused by the human fault.

During the lessons students develop educational and practical models and methods for organizing and eliminating emergency situations, organize and directly participate in the implementation of medical evacuation measures, sanitation and anti-epidemic measures, as well as in the provision of medical and sanitary requirements for emergency rescue and other urgent work in a zone of emergency situation.

After graduation bachelor has a right to work as a teacher of life safety at school, college as well as become an individual manufacturer of clothes, furniture and applied arts or to organize technological work of small business. Educational internship is carried out on the basis of specialized educational institutions, structures of Ministry of Emergency Situations and Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In 2010  was signed the agreement on strategic partnership in the field of preparation of students with the Department for Construction, Housing, Road Complex, Civil Defense and Emergency Situations under the Administration of the Tomsk Region, which expands the possibilities for practical training of students.


Students study the psychology of personality, engineering and computer graphics, the history of arts and crafts and design, drawing, painting, plastic anatomy, computer design, the basics of design, the fundamentals of management and marketing in the field of artistic creativity, general technology, materials science etc.

Graduating student will have an opportunity to teach arts and crafts at colleges, schools and other organizations as well as to works as designers, technologists, constructors, managers at craft enterprise of design, beauty saloons, tailoring shops etc.

Educational internship is conducted on the basis of leading companies of Tomsk and Tomsk region.

Term of study: 4 years (full-time study); 5 years (extramural form of study).


TSPU has been offering a restaurant business course since 2013 and it was the first university in Tomsk qualified for such an educational program. Students study service theory, organization, technology and equipment of restaurant enterprises, standardization and certification of high-quality biologically safe products, functions and principles of enterprise management, pricing strategy, marketing, basic concepts of healthy nutrition opportunities for the industry development, etc.

Graduating students will get an opportunity to fulfill organizational and methodological activities in educational institutions of food industry, as well as to participate in innovative and organizational activities in the restaurant business.

Educational internship and work experience internship are conducted on the basis of professional educational organizations, as well as on the basis of successfully operating public catering enterprises.


Growing demands and the needs of the population in maintenance of vehicles have caused the high developing rates of service education. In this regard, the training of bachelors in the field of vehicle services and road safety has become one of the prestigious areas of professional training. Graduates of Transport course will be able to teach students at educational institutions that implement educational programs of secondary professional and additional vocational education in the sphere of motor transport industry. Educational internship is organized on the basis of automobile sales centers and units of Department of Motor Vehicles and Traffic Control. Work experience internship is carried out on the basis of specialized educational institutions.


Forest resources are considered as a competitive advantage of Russia, providing it with a strategic advantage in the system of world economic relations. Therefore, the ways of realizations of the existing potential of the region is the central issue in the development of the timber processing complex. Siberia has the world's largest forest resource base, in this regard, the main goal of the regional policy in the timber industry is the implementation of competitive advantages through the preservation of quality, improving of efficiency of natural resources’ use, the depth of processing of forest resources and reducing the negative impact on the environment.

Tomsk region is one of Siberia regions, which is rich in forest resources and has scientific and production potential and experience in training of professional personnel capable of solving the modern professional problems.

Special features of TSPU facilities are research laboratories and the scientific and educational center "Folk Crafts of Siberia", where research works are carried out to revive the traditional and master modern art crafts and technologies for processing and reproduction of forest resources.

The faculty takes care of its graduates in matters of professional retraining and advanced training in additional educational programs, which increases their chances for job placement.

Bachelor’s programs:

  • Pedagogical education(two profiles), «Life Safety and Technology»                   
  • Professional training, «Arts, crafts and design»
  • Professional training (by branch of industry), «Transport»; «Reproduction and processing of forest resources»; «Service»

Master's programs:

  • Pedagogical education, «Life Safety», «Professional training»