Tomsk State Pedagogical University

Faculty of Psychology, Public Relations and Advertising

You have to make the most important step in your young and already such an adult life – to choose your own professional path. By coming to the Faculty of Psychology and choosing one of the most prestigious areas of training - Psychological and Pedagogical education, you already have set a high standard for your future life. The modern society has ever-growing demands in specialists with deep, steady knowledge, who can quickly adjust themselves to new challenges of life.

In this regard, the main goal that the Faculty sets for itself is the creation of conditions for all-round development of the individual. Such approach is applied not only for the sake sake of educational purposes, but also for creativity, self-expression and active life position – everything that develops the ability be yourself in changing circumstances and actively participate in the changes that are taking place. We hope that by evaluating all the available information and your own intentions, you will make the right choice of a professional path.

Good luck on your upcoming test!

See you at the Faculty of Psychology of TSPU!

Sincerely, Dean of the Faculty of Psychology

Grebennikova E.V.

Past and present of the faculty

The Faculty was founded in 1995 and it is now one of the most popular Faculties on the market. Today, the Faculty of Psychology is a part of the Institute of Psychology and Pedagogy, which makes it possible to effectively use potential of two other faculties in educational activity: the Pedagogical Faculty and the Faculty of Preschool and Primary Education.

The main features of the Faculty are:

  • multilevel professional training: bachelor's, master's degree, postgraduate study;
  • study in the framework of two specialties - psychology and pedagogy;
  • various forms of training;
  • a qualified pedagogical staff capable of providing a high level of training;
  • practice-orientated training;
  • great opportunities for professional internship;
  • active involvement in research work;
  • eventful student life;

Study at the Faculty of Psychology involves, first of all, an interesting student life, filled with bright events that reveal the personal and creative potential of students.

Student life at the Faculty begins with an old tradition - initiation of the first-year students. At a country camp, first-year students undergo a series of professional tests and have themselves immersed in the atmosphere of team spirit. Initiation is full of fun and humor, and it ends with a festive concert and a tea party.

Students of the Faculty of Psychology are actively involved in the sports life of the university and regularly get individual and team achievements in sport and patriotic games like «Startus», «Confrontation», «Assault», etc.

Students of the Faculty of Psychology regularly became winners of educational competitions, competitions in pedagogical skills, comedy contests of university and city level.

Students of the Faculty of Psychology are regular participants and winners of creative competitions: "Miss TSPU", "Golden Voices of TSPU", "Dance for the Faculty", "Student Spring".

We especially proud of the events organized by the Faculty within the framework of the annual celebration of Victory Day: a contest of war years pictures, a contest of poems and songs about the war, literary and musical compositions with the invitation of veterans of the Great Patriotic War.

Great attention is paid to the research work of students. Under the guidance of scientific leaders students study the mental health of teachers and pupils, features of socio-psychological rehabilitation of disabled persons and persons with special place of residence, the specifics of multicultural education, etc. Interested students are actively involved in the work of the psychological club, where, along with experienced scientists they discuss topical issues of psychology.

In recent years, one of the priorities of the Faculty of Psychology has been establishing international contacts with foreign partners. Within the framework of academic mobility program, students have an opportunity to study and take internships in universities of the far and near abroad. At the same time, students from Indonesia, Mali, Congo, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan also use their opportunity to study at our Faculty.

Many students of the Faculty of Psychology are encouraged for the high achievements in studies, science, sports and culture and awarded with tourist voucher to cultural and historical places of Russia and Europe.

In modern society psychology is a fashionable, interesting and promising trade. Be sure that, the student's years spent at the Faculty of Psychology will be bright and memorable.

Bachelor’s programs:

  • Psychological and pedagogical education, «Special psychology and pedagogy»; «Psychology of Education»

Master's programs:

  • Psychological and pedagogical education, «Practical psychology and pedagogy»
  • Psychological and pedagogical education, «Special psychology and pedagogy»