Tomsk State Pedagogical University

Faculty of Pedagogy

The Pedagogical Faculty is one of the most important in the University, since the graduates of our faculty are specialists who help children in their development and socialization. We prepare speech therapists, teacher of oligophrenic children and speech pathologists, social teachers and specialists in social and pedagogical work with children with deviant behavior, teachers of additional education and heads of children's organizations. If you want introduce children into the wonderful world of knowledge, the world of fascinating discoveries, to teach them how to live in this world, then our Faculty is want you need!

The Pedagogical faculty, formed in 1976, today implements 11 educational programs of bachelor's degree, specialist's degree, master's degree. The educational process at the faculty is provided by two graduating departments: the Department of Social Pedagogy and the Department of Speech pathology.

Great attention is drawn to the study of pedagogy and psychology, which helps not only to understand how to help children in their development, how to help young people to avoid misunderstandings in making vital decisions, how to correctly identify and build scenarios for successful life, but first of all helps to learn to understand yourself and other people.

The slogan of the Pedagogical Faculty "Childhood trusts us" emphasizes the seriousness of professional training of specialists in our faculty.

Features of the Faculty

  • fundamental training in pedagogy, psychology and methods of training and development;
  • different kinds of pedagogical activities, the contents of each reflects a range of areas of vocational and educational activities of the future expert;
  • interconnection of students’ course papers, internships and graduation theses.

The Pedagogical Faculty is a great platform to try yourself in different extra-study activities by participating in Faculty centers:

  • Consulting and Training Centre
  • Centre "Kapitoshka"

Another opportunity to express yourself is to take part in the activities held by bodies of student government and student communities that implement various projects (vocational guidance, volunteer, creative, sports activities etc.).

Each year our students participate in conferences, student competitions, forums and meetings. The faculty conducts a large number of events including that of the All-Russian level (actions, contests, conferences, forums, festivals). Since 2006 the faculty has been implementing the municipal target program "City summer" to organize leisure time for city children during summer vacation time.

At the Faculty, postgraduate programs are realized at the Department of Social Pedagogy. Postgraduate training program is carried out in accordance with two scientific specialties: Education and pedagogical sciences (General pedagogy, history of pedagogy and education, Theory and methodology of vocational education).

Graduates of the Pedagogical Faculty are always in demand not only in educational and medical institutions, but also in the organizations of the social protection bodies, sphere of justice, internal affairs, culture and youth policy. In addition, our graduates can organizer their own small business (open a private educational or counseling center), you can become a middle manager with further promotion on the career ladder, you can begin a career as a scientist. But most important is that you will become a competent parent. Diploma of the Pedagogical Faculty will give you a permanent pass to the joyful and interesting land of Childhood and Youth. Don’t miss the opportunity to get it!

Bachelor’s programs:

  • Special (defectology) education, «Logopedics»
  • Special (defectology) education, «Oligophrenopedagogy»
  • Psychological and pedagogical education, «Psychology and social pedagogy»

Specialist’s programs:

  • Pedagogy and psychology of deviant behavior

Master's programs:

  • Psychological and pedagogical education, «Pedagogy and psychology of education»; «Psychology and Pedagogy of the Children's Movemen»
  • Pedagogical education, «Additional education of children»
  • Special (defectology) education, «Pedagogy and psychology of inclusive education»
  • Special (defectology) education, «Logopaedics»