Tomsk State Pedagogical University

Faculty of History and Philology


The main task of the faculty is high-quality training of students, who are able to implement their professional competence in the broad field of humanitarian and educational activities in Russia and abroad. History and philology, archeology and journalism, ethnology and museology, rhetoric and religion reveal you an amazing and mysterious world of heroes, people, civilizations and epochs. A person becomes a true citizen, aware of the values of the past and the present when he or she starts to study history. That is why the ancients Romans believed that history was the teacher of life.

Our graduates have vast opportunities of professional research, administrative, educational, cultural and creative activity in institutes of general and additional education as well as in field of cultural activities (media, museums, libraries, art institutions, etc.), public and municipal management and governmental structures.

The graduates of the faculty take leading teaching positions in educational institutions and efficiently solve issues of historical and social science, literary and philological education in Russia and abroad. TSPU education enables our graduates to realize their professional demands and be successfully engaged in many sectors of the Russian economy, governance and politics.

Future teachers! At the Faculty you have an opportunity to participate in interesting archaeological excavations in the Tomsk and Altai region, unique internships, unforgettable trips to museums of Russia, language practice in Wroclaw University (Poland), Olomouc University (Czech Republic), Mudanjiang University (China), new impressions and amazing meetings.

Dean of the Faculty of History and Philology, Candidate of History, Associate Professor Galkina Tatyana Vasilievna.


Fundamental humanitarian training of students;

Summer internships: archaeological internships (Tomsk region, Altay), museum internships (Tomsk, Pskov, Irkutsk, St. Petersburg), folklore and dialectological internships (Tomsk region);

Senior students may participate in the following research and educational areas provided by our faculty: Slavic languages, linguistic cultural studies, practical journalism and communications, rhetoric studies, world art, modern discursive practices: aesthetics and poetics,  ethno-cultural history of the peoples of Western Siberia, actual problems of world history,  local history and museology, history and social studies in secondary education;

Opportunity of profound language training at the Centre for Polish language and Culture (office of Wroclaw University) with subsequent training in universities of the Republic of Poland or further graduate programs in linguistic cultural studies with the double degree program at the University of Wroclaw (Poland);

Training at the museum complex of TSPU (TSPU History Museum, Children’s Museum “Magic World”, museum of archaeology and ethnology, ethno-linguistic museum “Russian House in Siberia”);

The Faculty of History and Philology is equipped with modern multimedia and interactive facilities;

The faculty focuses on individual research work of students, consideration of the real-world problems in research. (e.g. , the implementation of historical publishing projects);

The faculty is proud of its creative and talented students, they write poems and stage plays, participate in competitions and publish student newspapers. The faculty members are always ready to help students to realize their creative plans.


  • Department of Archaeology and Ethnology
  • Department of General History
  • Department of Russian History and Methods of Teaching History and Social Studies
  • Department of Literature
  • Department of Modern Russian Language and Stylistics
  • Department of Theory and Teaching Methods of Russian and literature
  • Centre of Russian Language and Culture
  • Centre of Polish Language and Culture 

Bachelor’s programs:

  • Pedagogical Education: “Russian Language” and “Literature”                  
  • Pedagogical Education: “History and Social Studies”

Master's programs:

  • Pedagogical Education: “History”
  • Pedagogical Education: “Philology”
  • Pedagogical Education: “Russian as a Foreign Language”
  • Religion Studies: “Historical and Religious Studies”