Tomsk State Pedagogical University

Faculty of Economics and Management

Here comes a moment which, in my opinion, is one of the most important moments in the life of every person — the choice of the future profession. Your future life, your social status, and your level of well-being will depend on this choice. This is a very important step because it will influence your destiny and that is why we want your choice to be right.

The main task of the Faculty of Economics and Management — the training of qualified and competitive professionals who can make competent decisions in the most difficult situations. We are always glad to see open-minded young people who are dedicated, aimed at obtaining a quality prestigious higher education.

Our graduates demonstrate a high level of competence and are in demand on the labor market. Dear applicants, I invite you to become students of our faculty and part of our big happy family. You will immerse yourself in a rich, exciting, fascinating, and memorable student world! Knowledge gained during the study will help you to become a successful, self-confident professional!

We will do our best to meet your interests, and we wish you every success in your education and future career!

Mingazdinova Elmira Miniyarovna, Vice dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management, TSPU 

The Faculty of Economics and Management today:

  1. Highly qualified pedagogical staff, 80% of which has academic degrees of doctors and candidates of science. Representatives of competent organizations are involved in the implementation of educational programs at the faculty. For achievements in educational, scientific and public work, faculty members are awarded diplomas of the Ministry of Education and medals for merits in education.
  2. Classrooms are equipped with the latest computer software, lecture rooms have modern multimedia equipment, free access to scientific, methodological, legal literature.
  3. Active research work aimed to provoke students' interest in scientific creativity, developing creative and professional thinking and independence, deepening and consolidating theoretical and practical knowledge.
  4. The main forms of research work done by students are scientific reports, reports, and abstracts on topical problems, participation at seminars and conferences; simulation of educational, social, and cognitive processes, taking into account latest developments in the educational process; research tasks during the internship, final qualification works; preparation of scientific articles on various aspects of professional activity in the field of student training; participation in contests for the best student scientific works at university, all-Russian and international levels.

Internships at the leading organization of Tomsk and Tomsk region: at the structural subdivisions of the Tomsk Oblast Administration, Tomsk banks, Tomsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry, State Statistics Committee, Federal Tax Service Inspectorate departments, educational institutions, and recreational enterprises. In the course of Internship activities, students acquire not only professional skills, but also learn how to make effective managerial decisions, work in a team, analyze the real economic situation, acquire the ability for self-training and self-development.

The best students are awarded scholarships by the President of the Russian Federation, the Russian Government, the Governor of Tomsk region, the Mayor of Tomsk, and the Academic Council of the TSPU.

The Business Incubator of Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship of the TSPU was founded in 2013 as a structural subdivision of the Tomsk State Pedagogical University, part of the Faculty of Economics and Management. The Business incubator is engaged in developing and implementing social entrepreneurship and conducts educational activities in various formats. In the process of learning, students will learn how to:

  • plan, organize, manage, lead, delegate, analyze, inform, evaluate and maintain records;
  • represent the organization and negotiate;
  • work independently and as a part of a team;
  • identify strengths and weaknesses, assess and take risks;
  • take the initiative, act proactively, be independent and innovative in personal and public life, as well as at work;
  • motivate others and be motivated and determined to achieve goals.

Special attention is paid to the application of entrepreneurial skills in solving social and education problems. The projects by residents of the Business Incubator regularly become winners of regional, national and international competitions.


  • Gold Medal in the Interregional Exhibition-Fair "Education, Career, Employment" (project "Blackvist");

  • The “Best Project" nomination" of the regional cup of the international competition "Enactus", Novosibirsk (project "Blackvist");

  • "Best Project" nomination of the regional cup of the international competition "SIFE", Tomsk (project "T & Pro");

  • Winner of the "Regional contest for the best youth social projects of Tomsk region." (projects "Blackvist", "T & Pro");

  • "Best Project" nomination of the national cup of the international competition "Enactus", Moscow (project "Blackvist");

  • Prizewinner of the International Festival of Social Entrepreneurship in St. Petersburg;

  • Prize-winner of the regional program "StartupLab";

  • Winner of the All-Russian competition of youth projects "Rosmolodezh" (projects "Blackvist", "T & Pro");

  • Gold medal of the Eurasian Economic Youth Forum, Yekaterinburg (project "BusinessLand");

  • Silver medal "UchSib-2015", Novosibirsk (project "T & Pro"); 

graduates of our faculty

Belyaev Egor Viktorovich

Branch manager of Tomskpromstroybank (Seversk), member of the Council for the Development and Support of Entrepreneurship, member of the Expert Council on the content of education (Economics profile).

«I would like to express my gratitude to the teaching staff of the University for the knowledge and practical experience, positive emotions, and impressions obtained during the training period. At the university, I received a quality education and revealed myself as a creative person. I found myself in a unique student environment and friendly atmosphere, which allowed me to actively participate in the scientific and social life of the faculty and the university. A lot of interesting events happened in my life, thanks to which I received leadership training and creative self-realization. I would like to note the high professionalism of the teaching staff of the faculty and the constantly thoughtful attitude towards students on the part of the staff of the university's administration. I am sure that all graduates of the Faculty of Economics and Management will find a worthy application of their knowledge in the professional field. I would like to wish all students of the Faculty of Economics and Management never stop in their development and always move forward».

Inga Ighitkhanian

Assistant of the State Duma deputy of the Russian Federation. Coordinator on organizational issues of the regional branch of the All-Russian People's Front in the Tomsk region

«... Student life has a special place in my life. Back then the Faculty of Economics and Management became my home far away from my hometown. At the faculty, I was surrounded with wisdom, warmth, and care. Acquaintances and insanely interesting project activities allowed me to become what I am today, to learn to appreciate the significance of my actions, and never stop on the way to my dreams. Thanks to the Faculty of Economics and Management for the endless flow of energy that drives me to this day».

Diana Smirnova

Deputy head of Corporate Business department of the Operating Office in Tomsk Bank "Levoberezhny"

«During the years of study, never have I regretted my choice. For me, the TSPU is more than just a university. The Faculty of Economics and Management gave me amazing years of professional development, discoveries, fascinating lectures, seminars, and, of course, acquaintance with the remarkable teaching staff, which infected me with enthusiasm and interest in subjects. The faculty has opened many opportunities for practical and creative activities. In addition to being true professionals and experts in their field, my teachers were amazing, interesting, and versatile people, always ready to support students in difficult situations. Thank you for that! I also want to express my sincere gratitude to the dean's office staff for their work, patience, and help! The Faculty of Economics and Management — THANK YOU for unique knowledge, experience, and inner light! It's priceless!»

Cherenzova Olga

Supervisor of the marketing department of «Coca-Cola HBC Russia» in Tomsk

«... The Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM) is like a second family for me, and the years spent at the university are undoubtedly the best! The faculty has all the conditions for the development of students, the key to success is not to be lazy! From the first year of study, I had became involved in the sports life of the Faculty and participated in university competitions in basketball and football. I became the head of the group and developed my leadership qualities. I did not miss practically any scientific conferences on my subject, many times my reports were recognized as the best. Definitely, one of the brightest experiences was the participation in the university team Enactus. With the team, we realized commercial and social projects, presented them at regional and all-Russian competitions, visited Novosibirsk, Moscow, and Yekaterinburg. Experience in project work, public speaking, the skill of preparing presentations, and working in a team is what I got by studying at the Faculty and it is what I'm facing today in my professional work. And now, you have an opportunity to develop your projects based on a modern business incubator of the TSPU, which gives a unique chance to become a qualified and already experienced graduate, competitive in the labor market. I want to express my gratitude to FEM, and most importantly, to people who care about students so much and sincerely love them».

Ushakova Daria

Specialist for attracting talents «LLC Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia», Novosibirsk

«... the Faculty of Economics and Management allowed me to realize myself as a student. In addition to studying, I was actively engaged in project activities. Working on projects taught me planning, setting goals, working with various resources. I met a lot of experts, entrepreneurs, and public figures. It seems to me that such social bonds are important for any person. The faculty creates an environment of opportunities for the development of students, which contributes to growth in both professional and personal terms. The received knowledge and experience help me in my work every day. Thank you, the Faculty of Economics and Management».

Akhundova Ulviyya

Head of the Center for Children's Youth Creativity and Social Initiatives at “Sovremennik” Art center, member of the Sports, Culture and Youth Policy Department of the Strezhevoi City District, laureate of the City Mayor's Prize for Youth Policy 2016.

«... I am a graduate of the Faculty of Economics and Management of the Tomsk State Pedagogical University and I am proud of it. It is during my study at the faculty I found myself! The TSPU is not just about knowledge, it is about life. I am grateful that I became a part of the faculty with an amazing pedagogical team! The faculty taught me to set goals and achieve them, not to give up problems, but to turn them into my own advantages, make independent decisions and take responsibility for all the consequences, work in a team and lead people. I did not have any problems with finding a job, with such a CV I received proposals from several organizations and institutions at once». 

Suleymanova Aigun, graduated in 2014

Resettlement specialist of housing policy department of Strezhevoi city district administration

«... The University opened new opportunities for me. For these 4 years of study, I grew very much, as a person, and realized in what direction I need to move in life. I am very grateful to the university and my teachers, people who become very close to me. I was very lucky, I believe that everything happened at the right time and in the right place. I'm glad that I got into the Enactus team, that I was engaged in various projects, I learned to set goals, and most importantly to achieve them, I realized that "Everything is in my hands" and this became my motto for life! Thank you, TSPU!»

Kondrashova Irina, issue of 2015

Deputy Director for Academic Affairs of Novovasyuganskaya secondary school.

«... What did the Faculty of Economics and Management gave me? Firstly, I got fundamental knowledge in the fields of economics, management, and pedagogy, which, undoubtedly have become useful in my professional work. Secondly, during the study at the faculty, you learn universal principles of life, and now I can say that I can gain knowledge independently, quickly make decisions in difficult situations and think freely. But the thing I remember the most is a very cozy and friendly atmosphere at the faculty! I found real friends at the Faculty of Economics!»

Training program  Program's code  Degree  Study mode Entrance tests 
 full-time   part-time mixed
Economics: Finance and Credit 38.03.01 Bachelor 4 yrs. 4 yrs. 6 mths
  • Mathematics
  • Russian language
  • Social Studies
Management: State and Municipal Management 38.03.02 Bachelor 4 yrs. 4 yrs. 6 mths
  • Social Studies
  • Russian language
  • Mathematics
Pedagogical education (with two training profiles): Economics and Law 44.03.05
Bachelor 5 yrs.
  • Social Studies
  • Russian language
  • Mathematics
Pedagogical Education: Legal Education;  44.03.01 Bachelor 5 yrs.
Pedagogical education: Education management 44.04.01  Master 2 yrs. 2 yrs. 3 mths
  •  Interview
Professional training (by industry), State and municipal management 44.04.04 Master 2 yrs. 2 yr. 3 mths
  • Interview