Tomsk State Pedagogical University

Faculty of Chemistry and Biology

In every person's life it is a very important moment when it comes to making a crucial decision. For school and college graduates is the choice of future profession and thus a choice of a higher education institution. More than 20 years ago, I have faced such a choice myself and I am glad that I decided to join the Faculty of Biology and Chemistry. The high-quality education that I got there allowed me and thousands of other graduates of the Faculty to become successful professionals: school teachers, university professors, scientists, employees of organizations whose sphere of interest is related to biology, chemistry and geography.

Student life at the faculty is diverse, full of events, and extremely interesting. It is strongly connected with the specific character of the Biology and Chemistry training (field training, international internships) and rather differs from the student life of the majority of other faculties of the TSPU and other universities. A small group of students is trained by highly qualified teachers, which makes it possible not only to achieve a high competence of future professionals but also to form a solid and kind team.

Dear graduates let me along with employees and students of the Faculty of Biology and Chemistry invite you to make the right choice and join the friendly ranks of our remarkable faculty. Good luck!

Fateev Alexander Vladimirovich,

PhD in Chemistry,

Vice Dean of the Faculty of Biology and Chemistry,TSPU



The Chemical department has been around since the establishment of the institute that was founded «... by the highest order of the Emperor Nicholas II on July 1, 1902».

The faculty gained the status of a separate structural unit on October 15, 1931. In 1934, the first graduation in Chemistry took place. The Chemical department was the first opened at the Faculty and then in 1936 two departments of the biological profile were opened: the Department of Botany and the Department of Zoology. Since this year, the faculty had begun to train Biology teachers

The faculty offers training courses in "Pedagogical education" (profiles: Biology and Chemistry, Biology and Geography) and master courses (profiles: Biological Education, Chemical Education).

We also offer postgraduate courses in Biological Sciences, Ecology (chemistry) profile.

We offer retraining courses in the following directions:

  • Pedagogical education in Chemistry;
  • Pedagogical education in Biology;
  • Pedagogical Education in Biology and Chemistry.


The student community of the Faculty of Biology and Chemistry is friendly and united due to the long-standing traditions of the faculty and excellent teaching methods

Our main feature is field practices, one of the students’ most favorite events in the educational process. First and second-year students participate in summer field training in Botany and Zoology at the TSPU facilities on the banks of the Ob River in the village of Kireevsk. Students collect herbariums, study the flora and fauna of the area, collect material for qualification works. In the afternoon, they work and in the evening it is time for a friendly chat and leisure.

Students from Wroclaw University (Poland) together with our students participate in field training. Polish students believe that "The wilder is life, the better".

During the third year of study, the most diligent students are invited to participate in field training in Poland, Mongolia, and Sankt-Petersburg. 

The Faculty is equipped with modern laboratories and equipment to provide a high-quality education.

Our students are big sports fans. The TSPU provides gyms, a wonderful swimming pool, a sports and fitness complex, sports clubs.

Under the supervision of professional teachers, students are actively involved in scientific research work. At the Faculty, students are given the opportunity to engage in gardening, floristics, phytodesign. Our students are winners of various competitions in Russia and abroad.


  • Department of Chemistry and Methods of Teaching Chemistry
  • Department of General Biology and Biology Teaching Methods
  • Agroecology Testing Laboratory
  • Department of Geography

Training program  Program's code  Degree  Study mode Entrance tests 
 full-time   part-time
Pedagogical education (with two training profiles): Biology and Chemistry 44.03.05 Bachelor 5 yrs.
  • Examination by choice (Biology, Chemistry)
  • Russian language
  • Social Studies
Pedagogical education (with two training profiles) 44.03.05 Bachelor 5 yrs.
  • Examination by choice (Biology, Geography)
  • Russian language
  • Social Studies
Pedagogical education: Biological and chemical education 44.04.01
Master 2 yrs.
  • Interview