Tomsk State Pedagogical University

Faculty of Arts and Culture

DEAR friends! welcome to facultu of arts and culture!

                The Faculty of Arts and Culture plays special role as the main center of study and research in the field of culture and the arts at the Tomsk State Pedagogical University. In 2017 the faculty celebrates its tenth anniversary. Over the years, the faculty has established itself as an effective teaching unit, well known in the city of Tomsk and beyond for its creative achievements, leading education in the field of fine arts, music and choreography.

The main value of the faculty consists of its wonderful teachers, recognized authorities in the culture-forming space of Tomsk, devoted to our university and art. Among them Honored Artist of the Russian Federation S. P. Lazarev, Honored Worker of Culture V. I. Petrieva, Honored Worker of Culture S. N. Kravchenko, laureates of international and all-Russian professional contests V. N. Tsarev, N. N. Vagin. Among the teachers of specialized disciplines there are many artists working in theaters, dance groups and educational organizations of the city. Their pedagogical skills help students to take the first steps on the path of professional growth, to maximize their creative and personal potential.

High qualification of scientific and pedagogical staff ensures the quality of graduates' training and a great demand for them not only in the sphere of education, but also in professional artistic, musical, and dancing environments. Today nearly every organization for additional children education in the Tomsk region requires specialists graduated from our faculty.

A bachelor's or master's degree in culture and arts will provide you with a great competitive advantage in the labor market, will help you find yourself in various fields of Russian culture. Serious, creative attitude to study will undoubtedly lead you to professional success.

We will be glad to see you among our students, the brightest and most talented in the university!

Goals of the faculty, future employment of graduates

The Faculty of Arts and Culture is a successor of the Institute of Culture, established in 2001. The goal of the faculty is to train qualified bachelors and masters in culture and art. We do our best to ensure that the professional level of our graduates contributes to the development of Russian culture, so that graduates are able to successfully deal with the professional challenges and become a part of the international professional environment.

Features of the faculty

Education at the Faculty of Culture and Arts stands out when compared to other courses of classical university education. Fundamental theoretical training of students represented in the curriculum of disciplines and areas of training, gives them the opportunity of further specialization in almost any field of the humanities:

  • art history,
  • world culture,
  • theory and history of folk art and culture,
  • pedagogy and psychology,
  • philosophy,
  • mythology,
  • ethnography,
  • religious studies, aesthetics, literary criticism, sociology, etc.

The practice-oriented curriculum allows students to develop a high professional level and improve choreography, vocal, instrumental or fine art skills as well as teaching methods of relevant disciplines.

Most effective educational methods based on the latest technologies and individual approach to students are used on the Faculty. Our graduates will get massive opportunities in professional management, pedagogical and creative activity in the institutions of art and culture and additional education. The high level of graduates’ training meets the demands of the growing spiritual and intellectual needs of our region, contributes to the preservation and development of young people’s creative potential as well as to the rich traditions of music and artistic life of the Tomsk region, serves as a guarantee of employment and success in further career.


Bachelor’s programs:

  • Pedagogical education (two profiles), «Fine Arts» and «World Art Culture»
  • Pedagogical education (two profiles), «Additional education (education in choreography)» and «World Art Culture»      
  • Pedagogical education, «Fine Arts»
  • Pedagogical education, «Additional education (education in choreography)»

Master's programs:

  • Pedagogical education, «Music»; «Art»
  • Folk art culture, «Russian traditional artistic culture»