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On June 20, the Tomsk State Pedagogical University will start accepting documents for admission to the university. For applicants in 2022, there will be opportunities for face-to-face and online consultations, in-person and online submission of documents, professional preparation for the university entrance exams, and much more.

The university admissions committee will work in the main building of the TSPU (Kievskaya St., 60). The applicants will be offered Bachelor's, Specialist, Master's and PhD programs at ten faculties and institutes of the university:

  • Department of Biology and Chemistry (БХФ);
  • Institute of Foreign Languages and International Cooperation (ИИЯМС);
  • Faculty of History and Philology (ИФФ);
  • Faculty of Physics and Mathematics (ФМФ);
  • Faculty of Physical Training and Sports (ФФКиС);
  • Faculty of Preschool and Elementary Education (Institute of Childhood and Art Pedagogy, ФДиНО)
  • Faculty of Culture and the Arts (Institute of Childhood and Art Pedagogy, (ФКИ)
  • Faculty of psychology and special education (ФПСО);
  • Faculty of Technology and Economics (ТЭФ);
  • Institute for Development of Pedagogical Education (ИРПО).

Admission of documents will be implemented in the face-to-face format, as well as:

Detailed information about areas of training, admission conditions, required scores, the number of state-funded places, tuition fees and other information can be found on the website of the TSPU Applicant. Online consultation on admission and student life at the TSPU can be obtained in the official group of the TSPU Applicant in the social network "VKontakte".

You can also contact the experts of the Admissions Committee of the TSPU:

by phone: 8 (3822) 311 411;
by e-mail:
Welcome to the Tomsk State Pedagogical University!