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The meeting of the Big Tomsk State Pedagogical University librarians "Library - University: 120 years together" took place in the TSPU's Scientific Library. The guests got acquainted with the history of librarianship in the Tomsk State Pedagogical University, visited book exhibitions and had a calligraphy workshop. 

"The library is a whole world where childhood lives, — congratulated Irina Bagdasaryan, vice-rector for educational activities at the TSPU. — I sincerely love and respect what the library staff do: they bring high culture to the young generation, and when the question arises about whether the book is needed today — there is no room for a negative answer. After all, there is nothing more beautiful than those discoveries that can be found for yourself in the world of literature, and it is librarians carefully guard this secret world".

The guests joined the congratulations: SibSMU Scientific-Medical Library Director Marina Terekhova, TSU Scientific Library Head Artem Vasiliev, TSU Scientific-Technical Library Director Natalia Eliseeva and TPU Scientific-Technical Library Director Irina Kotova, who wished their colleagues from TPU prosperity, book values increase and responsible students.

Afterwards the guests visited an exhibition "Tomsk State Pedagogical University: from institute to university" displaying original educational editions of the early 20th century, articles significant for the university and personal belongings of Alexander Volkov, one of the most important students in the history of the university. Natalya Semenenko, Director of the TSPU Library, told the story of the establishment and development of the library at the university.

"Everything began in 1902, when a decree was signed about the opening of the first pedagogical institute beyond the Urals. In two years since its foundation, the library stock had 282 textbooks on history, mathematics and physics, - says Natalia. - Unfortunately, as a result of the reform of professional and pedagogical education in 1920 scientific and material base of Tomsk Teacher Training Institute was almost lost, but some part of the fund was given to the Tomsk Regional Universal Scientific Library named after A.S. Pushkin and to the TSU Scientific Library and was preserved there".

The ex-director of the TSU Scientific Library, Evgeniya Trofimova completed the historical excursio with her storu about the details of the relocation of the library and introduced the staff of different years

"The life of the library is inextricably linked to its staff, who make the story. There are true professionals working here who are passionate about culturally enlightening the world. And I am very fortunate to work hand in hand with such wonderful people!"

The meeting ended with a master-class on calligraphy and warm conversations about old times over a cup of tea.

You can see the exhibition-installation "Tomsk State Pedagogical University: from college to university" in the reading room of the TSHPU Scientific Library. The exhibition is equipped with an audio guide for easy immersion of visitors in the history of the university.